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Girl Power: Back To Back Promotions In PHD Philippines

“It’s our thrust to be a strategic partner— to be more than a media agency — to advertisers.” — Ivy Fajardo, Client Services Director, PHD Philippines

Two women, two big moves for PHD Philippines.

Killing two birds with one stone is the art of hitting two targets in one fell swoop. In this case, we see two major promotions for two go-getting gals for one major media company.

This perfectly describes the recent back-to-back promotions of PHD Philippines’ go-getting ladies, Ivy Fajardo and Anna Icabales. While Ms. Fajardo was boosted to her current position of Client Services Director for PHD Philippines, Anna Icabales, in a promotion that happened in the same season, also moved up to become the Business Unit Manager of PHD’s Training and Accountability department.

Ivy Fajardo will be at the helm of strategy development for PHD prized clients such as Hewlett Packard, Champion Detergents, SC Johnson and more. She will also be tasked to pull in more clients, an expertise “…She has proven over the years,” PHD General Manager Me-An Bernardo commends.

Things look certainly bright for these brands, with Ms. Fajardo at the helm:

“With a young and vibrant team, we will continue to push for fresh and innovative ideas that will help our brands to stand out.” — Ivy Fajardo

Anna Icabales, on the other hand, is no stranger to the terrain she’s taking over. For the past five years of her career, she has worked with Champion Detergents as its investment manager. To her credit, her assertive media buying tactics have caused its customer base to thrive in its growth. In this new role, Anna Icabales will be the Business Unit Manager for Trading and Accountability. She will be reporting to PHD’s Trading & Accountability Director.

Given that half of her career with PHD was spent handling Champion, Ms. Icabales believes that:

“This move is energizing as it means more productive years of partnership with a valued client.” — Anna Icabales, Business Unit Manager for Trading & Accountability, PHD Philippines

With these brilliant women at the helm of their respective departments, we expect PHD’s media expertise to shine brighter than before.


With input from Micah Isla, Integration Executive, Omnicom Media Group.

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