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ZenithOptimedia Launches Live ROI And Rebrands As “The ROI Agency”

Ever wonder if your advertising spends are giving you the best value for your money?

To the Clients: Ever been at that spot where you’re in the dark about whether to fire your Pinay Media Planner or give her a hefty, appreciative bonus?

To the Pinay Media Planner: Ever had that moment where your immaculate French-tipped nails have been chewed halfway through the cream-colored tips because you’re wondering if you’re doing a good job and spending your client’s money where it’s most effective?

This is where stats and metrics come in. In order to understand whether your strategies have been effective, the stats, the numbers, the metrics have to be monitored regularly. If they come in in Real-Time or Live fashion, giving you reports as traffic and conversions are made, the better.

We in the industry have to hand it to the ZenithOptimedia Group. Addressing the need for live stats, live updates and the metrics to understand the efficacy of their campaigns, they recently debuted “Live ROI,” their exclusive global strategic positioning.

Implementing the method across its 250 offices, including the Philippines, ZenithOptimedia boosts its approach to maintaining its spot as a top player in the advertising industry. The LiveROI metrics system promises to be a thorough objective approach that will give cold, hard stats to be able to infer whether ZenithOptimedia campaigns are actually bringing in the money for their client companies.

Thanks to this technology, ZenithOptimedia is angling to position itself as an “ROI Agency.”

“Consumers increasingly live their lives in a digital world in which traditional ROI techniques no longer deliver everything our clients need. Live ROI does. It takes ROI to the next level and ensures a real time approach that identifies how and where budgets can be invested to deliver the best returns.” — Steve King, global chief executive officer, ZenithOptimedia Group

“As part of the repositioning we have taken this opportunity to reinvigorate our corporate brand both internally and externally. As the fastest growing and most dynamic media agency network, this new identity heralds our next stage of growth and demonstrates our commitment to our clients and staff that we will continue to be at the forefront of communications planning and buying.” — Venus R. Navalta, CEO, ZenithOptimedia Philippines

The ZenithOptimedia LiveROI System has these exclusive components:

  • Touchpoints ROI Tracker — What ZenithOptimedia claims as the world’s largest research database of relative consumer influence.
  • Socialtools — A proprietary software app that tracks social networking/social media traffic via an exclusive dashboard of metrics. It also includes proprietary graphs and visuals.
  • Adforecast.com — Possibly the world’s first online database of historical and future global advertising spend. It also hosts ZenithOptimedia’s global advertising expenditure forecasts.
  • Open — An open-source idea generation tool.
  • Live Academy — A system that aims to deliver over 20,000 training hours to ZenithOptimedia’s employees that will ensure that they will be able to deliver their clients’ needs. These will include training in content, search and social tools.

The LiveROI system is only the tool upon which ZenithOptimedia hinged its company rebrand, across its offices. The new ZenithOptimedia logo will contain the subtext “The ROI Agency.” Because, as we noted, ZenithOptimedia aims to position itself as exactly that: A company that will match, or even exceed, its clients’ expected ROI.

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