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Featured A.E. : Cathy Ubiña – AIRPORT ADS PHILIPPINES

In the realm of Airport based OOH Media, there are many OOH vendors which you can deal with. Their names usually slip our minds given that each OOH vendor has a different airport of coverage.

The easy way around it is to remember this name: Cathy Ubiña.

Cathy is the quickest way to get your OOH placement mounted in the airport. She collates all the inventories in her portfolio and provides the options needed for your airport campaign, regardless if it’s in NAIA 1, 2, or 3.

Quick! Take down her contact details:

Cathy Ubiña : 0923-670-5990 or 0906-594-0133
Email :

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Contact Cathy Now

Send Message to Cathy Ubiña

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