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Wednesday News Digest: When You’re Branded In A Way You Wish You Weren’t, Brand And Media News, And The Mega Star’s “Homecoming”

  It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, and whether it’s too hot or a freak shower ruins your day today, it’s still a beautiful Wednesday morning! Here’s a list of the more relevant news bits to read, as you sip through your coffee and get your brain going for the day’s work. The week is almost […]

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New Makati Ordinance sets limits on size, height, location of Billboard and Signage

The newly-enacted Billboard and Signage Ordinance of Makati has taken effect last Monday, June 30, and the city government will be evaluating all existing and proposed non-mobile billboards and signage in the city according to its provisions and guidelines on dimensions, height, illumination and location, among others. Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin S. Binay said City […]

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ABS-CBN Wins at 2014 PANAta Awards

Congratulations to ABS-CBN for bagging the award in the Cause Marketing category at the recently held PANAta Awards for the Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo campaign.

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A Call For Journalistic Excellence

In the day and age where news doesn’t have to be accurate, it just has to be viral, there is an intensifying call for media companies to have a sense of journalistic credibility. In a time where rumors spread like wildfire and a hoax can wreak greater havoc no thanks to social media and the […]

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Omnicom Media Group Philippines’ M2M Appoints Rico Salas As Client Service Director

“M2M prides in having a strong culture of client service excellence. Rico Salas’ extensive knowledge of the media industry and his experience in handling a wide range of industries are a big plus in our mission to expand our client portfolio. The team is looking forward to learning and collaborating with him in growing M2M.” […]

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Three Business Websites That Are Surprisingly Interesting

If you’re anything like the regular Filipino, you probably like hanging around Rappler, Yahoo, and the other news sites. If you like popular Internet fare, you might be a big fan of 9Gag or BuzzFeed. If showbiz is your thing, then PEP might be on your bookmarks, too. But sometimes, just sometimes, there’s this itch […]

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Waxing Nostalgic: An Informal History Of Internet, Social Networking And Blogging In The Philipines

Do you still remember the days when the Internet was relatively new, and email was a newfangled communication luxury that mostly only teens and yuppies used? When Yahoo! was still a search giant, and Google was for the geeks? We know that your mind must still be back at home, with memories of the Christmas […]

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Holiday Meal Options For You And Your Loved Ones

It is Christmas Eve! A time for merry-making, downtime (unless you’re paying your dues in the kitchen), spending time with loved ones and forgetting about work, for a couple of days until 2014 starts anew. With the holiday season right here, right now, you must be zipping to and fro, preparing, and for some, shuttling […]

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It’s The Season For Giving

“It’s the season to be jolly.” For the Philippines, it may be the perfect time to forget what capitalism has taught us Christmas should be and go back to the heart of Christmas: CHRIST. We don’t mean to remind you what string of tragedies befell us, but the sobering chain of events: Bohol/Cebu Quake 2013 […]

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The HOPE That Surpasses All Other Hopes

It’s the 12th of December; 13 days from now, and it’ll be Christmas. While we sit in our comfortable offices in Makati, Ortigas, and all throughout the metro, it is easy to forget that a big segment of the rest of the country has experienced the worst in natural disasters. Though the news outfits certainly […]

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The Filipino Consumer On HD: Kantar Media Philippines’ Presentation

“Twenty percent of Filipinos are extremely happy and 40 percent see themselves having better lives in the future. Barring calamities, the general outlook of Filipinos for the first quarter is good. We can attribute that to our resiliency, our indomitable spirit or our capacity to smile even when confronted with heavy burdens.” — Bong Osorio, […]

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Three Monday Morning Tidbits: MMDA Hands Off On Billboards, Gadget Sales, And Productivity Tips

The Haiyan/Yolanda tragedy, the Napoles scandal, PNoy’s perceived ineptitude, the just-concluded Pacman fight (Congrats, Manny!), even Ka Freddie Aguilar’s scandalous marriage to his teen GF, these are the headlines that greet us when we head on to Yahoo! or the other news outfits as we try to get our current update fix. Well, let us […]

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Available Billboards As Of 11/12/2013

EDSA EDSA Cubao McArthur Avenue – Available Now EDSA Cubao Medalla Bldg. Inner- Available Now EDSA Guadalupe Pantaleon SB – Available Now EDSA Pasay Going to MOA- Available Now EDSA Pasay Matute NB- Available Now EDSA Pasay Matute SB- Available Now C5 C5 Bagong Ilog, Pasig- February 4, 2013 C5 San Roque Bagong Ilog, Pasig- December 21, […]

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Felipe S. Yalong Bags ING-FINEX CFO Of The Year For 2013

  “I would like to thank my late father Jose V. Yalong, who not only persuaded me to take up accounting, but more importantly, instilled in me the importance of honor and integrity in everything that I do.” — Felipe S. Yalong, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, GMA Network This 2013, the Financial […]

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An Empathetic Christmas For 2013

Christmas is exactly 40 days to the day, as of today, and yet possibly half of the Philippines is looking at what is possibly the bleakest Christmas they would have in years. While most of us could only look on and empathize as much as we can, and while we wish that everybody could just […]

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