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Career-Related Antsiness? Here’s A Good Decision-making Guide

Job-hopping is a reality in any industry. We all want to grow, and we all want to be able to work in a place where we’ll be happy. Those of us with big dreams may have goals as high as the CEO level, like Havas’ Asia-Pacific CEO Vishnu Mohan, while some of us treat our […]

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Resources: Psychology-Based Strategies, Personal Productivity

Psychology is a crucial part of advertising. As someone designing your client’s ad campaign, you’re there to get into the headspace of your target market — the consumers. So if you were reading up on Adweek and Campaign but not really brushing up on your Psychology, we did the dirty (well, not really) work for […]

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Media Planning 101

Fresh out of college, you’ve landed a job as a Media Planner. Congratulations! You’re most likely giddy, and possibly pretty much psyched that you’re in a fast-paced, dynamic field in Corporate Manila. It’s not every day that one lands a job in the industry that gives the business sector its wings: Advertising. Let’s face it, […]

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New Job? Here’s How To Adjust

In a highly competitive corporate world, surviving the recruitment process is not only an achievement, it is the start of what would be a new stage in one’s life. Whether you’re a wide-eyed fresh grad or a seasoned and valuable employee, the process is the same: a new workplace presents a fresh environment, as well […]

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Resume No-No!

Whether you’re a fresh grad out to score your first job, or a career woman hoping to land your dream job, it pays to have a great resume. Hopefully by now you know the basics, put your best foot forward, don’t lie and avoid typos. But there are a couple of landmines that you have […]

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Career Latte: Tips For Your First Client Meeting

Meeting your first client or potential clients is a daunting task, especially if you are new in your company. For some, it is a rite of passage that can either make or break your succeeding deals and your career as well. A successful client meeting is determined by the level and quality of preparations done […]

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Career Latte: Tips In Resolving Conflicts at The Workplace

Have you ever encountered a colleague who would pass on blames on you for failures? Or have you heard your boss pound you on a string of errors that you did not commit? Conflicts are common in the workplaces, the consequence of our very diverse personalities. According to Mike Wyatt in his column at Forbes […]

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Crossroad: To Dance To Your Own Tune Or Let Others Live Your Life For You?

“Take a chance on not being like everyone else. You must ask yourself, am I a people pleaser or a God pleaser? It’s not worth it to try and please man, because God didn’t make you to live for other people’s approval.” — Joyce Meyer While you have your afternoon coffee, Pinay Media Planner, let’s […]

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A Fresh Start For Dino Laurena at ABS-CBN!

  September 4, 2012 – congratulates Dino Laurena on his first day at ABS-CBN! Less than ten months after retiring from UniversalMcCann as its Managing Director, and after 18 years of being with McCann Worldgroup, Dino Laurena is now “Kapamilya”.  Kapamilya takes on a whole new meaning given that many ex-colleagues from McCann are […]

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Putting Your Money Where Your Work Is

  We’ve heard the saying “Put your money where your mouth is”.  Today, brings a new twist to the saying in view of the coming issuance of SMC Series “2” Preferred Shares.  While this opportunity is really promising to all Pinay Media Planners who wish to take their money further than just earning 2.5% […]

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A Few Ingredients As A Recipe For Success

Different people will give you different formulas for success. But of late, there seems to be one common keyword that pops up in most success lit: Passion. On this article, we will not fixate on that trait. Rather, we are here to show you three other common threads that run through the success stories of […]

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How To De-Stress On A Monday

The worst, most stressful day for a working girl, Pinay Media Planner, or otherwise, is most likely Monday. That’s why one of the must-haves for Monday is an arsenal of destressing ideas.

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To Go [Abroad] Or Not To Go. That Is The Question.

At some points in a breadwinner’s life, there comes that existential angst and quarter- or midlife-crisis of sorts where she (or he) may strike The Thinker’s pose and contemplate…

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The Future Is Bright — Bright Enough For You To Become A Rockstar

Be excellent at what you do. Be self-aware. Take responsibility for what you say and what you do. Find your allies. You’ll need help. Sage advice from Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, award-winning journalist and media industry veteran. This and other similar gems flew around the room as around three hundred Broadcast Communications of UP Diliman […]

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Stuart Jamieson Of The Nielsen Company, New Zealand, Replaces Jay Bautista

February saw the resignation of well-loved industry pillar, Jay Bautista. Not a few people felt the loss; for those who knew him well and worked closely with him, it was almost as if they would be missing a father. For those in the industry who knew him from a distance, his career move came as […]

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