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A Call For Journalistic Excellence

In the day and age where news doesn’t have to be accurate, it just has to be viral, there is an intensifying call for media companies to have a sense of journalistic credibility. In a time where rumors spread like wildfire and a hoax can wreak greater havoc no thanks to social media and the […]

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The Power Of Words, Strategy, Influence

They say “content is king.” Never is this truth better displayed than through this video. Never discount the power of your words to change a situation; never discount the reach of your influence to affect society. It’s in your hands, Pinay Media Planner.  

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Interesting Commercials From Around Asia

Commercial by MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore   ***Pantene Chrysalis, Thailand   ***Red Bull, Thailand   ***Thai Life Insurance, Thailand  

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Truly Connecting With Life: “Disconnect To Connect”

In this industry, tech and gadgets are indispensable to the trade. We need to be on top of our clients’ demands, and we also need to be active on Social Media. In fact, some of us may even need to engage in Social Media while we’re on our downtimes, because we NEED to. This video […]

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Dove USA: “When Did You Stop Thinking You Were Beautiful?”

In this industry, you’ll always be as good as your last campaign’s success. Let’s hand it to Dove and its agencies for coming up with the most creative — and controversial — campaigns, ever. Close on the heels of “Dove Beauty Sketches,” Dove releases another provocative ad, “Camera Shy.” The premise is simple, but it […]

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Of Google And Facebook’s Ad Campaigns

Let’s face it. “Google” and “Facebook” are two words that are heavily used these days. Needless to say, it’s because these are THE two biggest websites on earth, at this moment. In fact, you probably got to this article page through either of these two websites. But big as they are, would you ever imagine […]

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Of Rights, Children’s Rights And Ad Campaigns That Support Them

The elections just over and done with, and the country is either rejoicing or sulking at what the rest of the nation has voted for. Either way, life goes on. If you’ve voted yesterday, Pinay Media Planner, then pat yourself on the back for exercising your right to suffrage. If you didn’t get to, make […]

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Choose Well, Vote Wisely: A Relevant Ad From McCafe

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.   It’s “all systems go” for Election Day on Monday, May 13th of 2013. From’s Purple Thumb campaign, to the smear campaigns on the different political hopefuls, to the tug-of-war for who gets presidential sister Kris Aquino’s nod of endorsement, and down to the “mysterious” metro-wide […]

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Of Ikea And Creepy Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes have a tendency of seeming so creepy that they’re always the subject of B-rated horror movies. Check out what Ikea did with the horror that is garden gnomes and the twist they did with it.     Enjoy your Friday, Pinay Media Planner!

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A Viral Profession Of Love — Enjoy Your Journey Danny And Kristen: #EYJDK @EYJDK

Valentine’s is more than a couple of months over, and June, the so-called wedding month, is a whole month away yet. But a New Yorker, “Danny,” declared his love for “Kristen” in posters and hash tags: By @love_lely By @libbybritain The sweet declaration of love has now surpassed Danny’s goal of reaching 160 photos of […]

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Evian: Pure As A Baby

We found this video on Fast Company’s Co.Create blog. Check out how they interpreted their slogan, “Drink Pure and Natural. Live Young.” Enjoy, Pinay Media Planner. 😉

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Ship My Pants! The KMart Commercial That Went Viral

Earlier today, we posted videos from Smart Communications and hailed them as stuff that “just work.” We also gave our opinions on what would make a campaign “just work.” Here’s another campaign that tickled the funnybones of the American audiences: It’s a form of word play on a biological event that may well be, well, […]

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“It’s Working.” — Philippine Video Campaigns That “Just Work”

We’re always on the lookout for great ad campaigns, and we spotted a few genuinely funny videos, produced by local teams. We just have to hand it to Smart Communications Inc.’s team. They really know how to create relevance, or at the very least, relevant entertainment. And this is why it goes viral: Here is […]

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More Dove Goodness (Or Should We Say, “Madness”?)

This video made the rounds of Facebook and other social media this season. If you have yet to come across the video, then check it out: As a YouTube user/commenter dotamaster1994 said: Have a fabulous weekend, Pinay Media Planner. 🙂

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Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign Is Met With Mixed Reactions

Yesterday, even as we posted about the Dove Real Beauty Campaign, and its latest effort, “Real Beauty Sketches,” the video had also spread like wildfire over social media in the Philippines. In the US, the campaign’s virality had been building up since last week, and thanks to the controversiality of the campaign, it is now […]

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