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Three Business Websites That Are Surprisingly Interesting

If you’re anything like the regular Filipino, you probably like hanging around Rappler, Yahoo, and the other news sites. If you like popular Internet fare, you might be a big fan of 9Gag or BuzzFeed. If showbiz is your thing, then PEP might be on your bookmarks, too. But sometimes, just sometimes, there’s this itch […]

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Holiday Meal Options For You And Your Loved Ones

It is Christmas Eve! A time for merry-making, downtime (unless you’re paying your dues in the kitchen), spending time with loved ones and forgetting about work, for a couple of days until 2014 starts anew. With the holiday season right here, right now, you must be zipping to and fro, preparing, and for some, shuttling […]

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Three (Actually, Four+) More Healthy Snack Ideas

The other week, we gave you three fun snacks that are relatively healthy. Take note, we did acknowledge that FRUITS are the best snacks around. But, sometimes, something purely sugary, salty, or just plain fun is really in order. So today, we’re giving you three more snack items (and a bonus) that are pretty healthy […]

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Café La Corona: An Ode To Coffee

Even as tea is fast replacing coffee as the drink du jour, coffee lovers still abound and still maintain a tight grip on their mugs. Why is coffee just so beloved, that not even a decent cup of chai can replace it? We may speculate, but how about just grabbing a cup of that dark, […]

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Career-Related Antsiness? Here’s A Good Decision-making Guide

Job-hopping is a reality in any industry. We all want to grow, and we all want to be able to work in a place where we’ll be happy. Those of us with big dreams may have goals as high as the CEO level, like Havas’ Asia-Pacific CEO Vishnu Mohan, while some of us treat our […]

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The Truth About Branding, Havas’ Asia Pacific CEO’s Thoughts And The 25 Things You Keep In Your Life That Are Only Holding You Back

Looking for something to read as you take a break from preparing for your pitches? Here are three good reads we’re tossing on your table today: 5 Brand Myths You Need To Forget Right Now Amor Maclang, Communications Strategist & Brand Architect of the GeiserMaclang Network, shares her thoughts about branding. She puts forth misconceptions […]

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Snacks To Fill Three Major Cravings

Looking good never hurt anybody, and getting healthier is always a good thing. A lifestyle change, though, looks better on a to-do list or goal board, and for most of us, a lifestyle change counts as one of those life-projects that are pretty hard to execute. This is why it may be a better proposition […]

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Three “Hump Day” Reads

It was the “hump day,” and we all have a couple of days more to get to that well-won margarita or mojito waiting this Friday. So, if you’re still stuck in the office, we’re treating you to three reads. *** What IS it about clients and how they always order “viral videos.” No, you can’t […]

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How To Make *Seriously Great* Iced Coffee

Coffee. It’s the stuff that gets a Pinay Media Planner, or a Pinay Creative, going. In this industry, where adrenalin runs high, especially during the night before a major pitch before a “big fish” type of client, coffee is the stuff that runs through our veins. And while a lot of us can appreciate a […]

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Cloud Apps You Should Start Using

A Pinay Media Planner‘s life isn’t easy, so it’s but a given that she needs all the help she can get in the way of the different planners, binders, folders, and even file cabinets that she can appropriate for her organizational use. However, in the age where the file cabinet has been all but replaced […]

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Safety Tips For Women And Pinay Media Planners

In light of the many risks and dangers that women face nowadays, here are a few crucial tips to arm yourself with: Click the photos to see them in full size. *** And here are more articles on self-defense and safety: More than that, if travel is on top of your Bucket List, take note […]

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What To Do With Your Money

Let’s face it. In the advertising industry, we are exposed to so many consumer products that it’s simply so tempting to drop our hard-earned cash and shop to destress. However, in the long run, this indulgence isn’t so wise. Surely, your mentors and supervisors have mentioned that it’s important to save and INVEST, given the […]

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Friday Fun Stuff: A Good Piece About Conquering Fear + Personality Tests

Because it’s a Friday, and nobody really wants to think about “heavy” things on a Friday, we have two things for you:       Just click the photos if you want to view the text in full image size. *** Everyone loves personality tests. It’s fun, and you get to know yourself a bit […]

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Is Skin Whitening Really Safe?

It doesn’t take much to realize that the average Filipina is obsessed about having white skin. From TV commercials to grocery store stocks, there is an endless line of whitening products to assail the passersby, whether they’d be interested in growing whiter or not. However, not a few medical sources have warned about the dangers […]

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Craving For A Gadget Buy? Give In!

Gadgets are some of the most-coveted acquisitions for the modern-day road warriors. So whether you’re a Pinay Media Planner, a BPO industry hero*, or a gal (or guy) who simply works hard for their keep, we’re sure that you have a few gadgets you have with you, and you have a few gadgets on your […]

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