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Holiday Meal Options For You And Your Loved Ones

It is Christmas Eve! A time for merry-making, downtime (unless you’re paying your dues in the kitchen), spending time with loved ones and forgetting about work, for a couple of days until 2014 starts anew. With the holiday season right here, right now, you must be zipping to and fro, preparing, and for some, shuttling […]

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Three (Actually, Four+) More Healthy Snack Ideas

The other week, we gave you three fun snacks that are relatively healthy. Take note, we did acknowledge that FRUITS are the best snacks around. But, sometimes, something purely sugary, salty, or just plain fun is really in order. So today, we’re giving you three more snack items (and a bonus) that are pretty healthy […]

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Café La Corona: An Ode To Coffee

Even as tea is fast replacing coffee as the drink du jour, coffee lovers still abound and still maintain a tight grip on their mugs. Why is coffee just so beloved, that not even a decent cup of chai can replace it? We may speculate, but how about just grabbing a cup of that dark, […]

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Snacks To Fill Three Major Cravings

Looking good never hurt anybody, and getting healthier is always a good thing. A lifestyle change, though, looks better on a to-do list or goal board, and for most of us, a lifestyle change counts as one of those life-projects that are pretty hard to execute. This is why it may be a better proposition […]

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How To Make *Seriously Great* Iced Coffee

Coffee. It’s the stuff that gets a Pinay Media Planner, or a Pinay Creative, going. In this industry, where adrenalin runs high, especially during the night before a major pitch before a “big fish” type of client, coffee is the stuff that runs through our veins. And while a lot of us can appreciate a […]

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Out-Of-Town Siomai And Sizzling Binalots

It’s a little beyond the middle of the year, and it’s high time to take a trip out of town once again. If you wanna catch a quick weekend trip to Laguna or Pampanga here are two places you shouldn’t miss. Splash & Sizzles Binalot, Pampanga We will always associate Kapampangans with delicious food. They […]

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All You Can Eat Buffets Around Manila

It’s Friday once more, and we’re sure you’re ready to eat out, Pinay Media Planner. So as you contemplate what to have for lunch or dinner today, we’ll make things easier for your once more with our suggestions: All You Can Eat. We found this poster up on Facebook, and since we LOVE our wraps, […]

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Friday Food Picks: A List Of Your Options

It’s Friday once again, and we’re sure that you’re ready to kick off your shoes for the weekend, Pinay Media Planner. So before you bask in the long weekend that’s ahead, and fulfill your duties for suffrage on Monday, May 13th, we’re giving you options on what to have for lunch or dinner today: Pasta: […]

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Friday Food Picks: Wraps, Wraps And More Wraps

  It’s Friday once again and we’re sure you’re excited to kick back and relax, Pinay Media Planner. Today, prepare to link-hop as we give you food picks that Our Awesome Planet and other websites can better describe. But before we give you the food picks, we’ll let you know what’s on our mind: Wraps. […]

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Friday Food Picks: Fastfood Pasta, Pizza And Japanese

It’s Friday, and we’re sure you’re ready to kick back and have a great lunch with industry colleagues and your all-time favorite people. We know you’re used to trying out great new restaurants and food that’s undoubtedly good. Though, sometimes, fastfood is just such a guilty pleasure. However, we know that you’re probably more or […]

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Midnight Hunger Blues? Sammiches To The Rescue!

Case #1: It’s deadline season and you brought work back home. It’s already past one, and you’re just a few details short of finishing your strategy for a very prized client for your agency. Then, suddenly, hunger strikes. Case #2: Your team decided to camp out in the office because you-all have to finish your […]

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Keep Cool This Summer With These Food Choices

It’s already summer and the heat is probably drumming a hot beat on your head. Unlike the hot, hot summer parties in Boracay and even in the heart of Metro Manila, this kind of heat is hardly enjoyable. So how do you cool down, short of staying up for “overtimes” just so you could soak […]

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Cool Summer Refreshments

What better way to beat the heat of the season, then with a glass or two of a wonderful, ice cold beverage? Anything ice cold or made from crushed ice would be perfect to battle the season’s heat. Here’s Pinay Media Planner’s top three picks for this season: GO LOCAL It is about this time […]

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Street Food Lovin’

Yes, we all admit that those top of the line restaurants serve all the best food in town… for a price. What happens then when you’re on a budget, or just too lazy to dress up for the location? We’ve learned never to underestimate the culinary orgasm that street food can give you at a […]

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Spend a Truly Memorable Valentine’s Day at M Café

Looking for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day this year of the snake? Raintree Restaurant’s M Café will be featuring a four-course meal just for the occasion! Executive Chef of Raintree Restaurants, Kalel Chan, personally designed and tailored each dish to fit the romantic holiday. It’s not hard to notice how much thought and effort each […]

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