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Three (Actually, Four+) More Healthy Snack Ideas

The other week, we gave you three fun snacks that are relatively healthy. Take note, we did acknowledge that FRUITS are the best snacks around. But, sometimes, something purely sugary, salty, or just plain fun is really in order. So today, we’re giving you three more snack items (and a bonus) that are pretty healthy […]

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Keep Cool This Summer With These Food Choices

It’s already summer and the heat is probably drumming a hot beat on your head. Unlike the hot, hot summer parties in Boracay and even in the heart of Metro Manila, this kind of heat is hardly enjoyable. So how do you cool down, short of staying up for “overtimes” just so you could soak […]

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Ab Workout You Can Do At Work

Stuck at your desk when you wish you could be sweating it out at the gym? Don’t be weighed down by all those paperwork, use that dreaded overtime into an ab workout advantage. Yes, you got that right, you can beat those deadlines AND sculpt your abs without leaving your workstation. Check out these exercises. […]

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An Apple a Day…

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Surely all of us already know this quote by heart, but have we bothered to find out why such a quote exists and if it hold true? Have you ever wondered why, among all the fruits in the world, the apple has been singled out this way? […]

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A Diet Plan Designed For You

You seriously want to- no, scrap that- NEED to go on a diet, but do not know where to start and how to find time for it? Worry no more, here’s a diet plan designed for you, women of the world that delivers everything you need to your doorstep at a very affordable price. DIET […]

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Coffee Health Benefits

That all important cuppa joe surely perks you up for your morning meetings and keeps you steady through the afternoon workload. But beyond its wonderful aroma and adrenaline boosting capabilities, which we are most thankful for, our ritual cup of java also proves beneficial in other aspects of our health. Here are a few points […]

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Healthy Resolutions

It’s a New Year, and a New You. Getting fit and losing weight is always at the top of New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve been re-writing that same resolution without seeing it through, here are 7 tips to kickstart your fitness goals, and help you achieve them. Good luck! H2O is the way to go […]

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Take A Walk: Trimming Down The Holiday Calories

The season of unhealthy holiday indulgence and we are now inches closer to the warm rays of summer. All accumulated calories turned to fat are hard to rid but it is possible to burn those extra calories with at least 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week. Take advantage of the cool air and […]

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Poll of the Week: What Is Your Favorite Café?

There is nothing more basic of a staple drink in the world of media than coffee, either in daily work at the office or at usual client meetings. In fact, the country is 10th among Asians in terms of coffee consumption. Pinay Media Planner made an online poll asking media planners, and other readers alike on their […]

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Exercise, The Best Possible Way To Ease Anxiety (1)

Anxiety is a general term for emotional state or disorders, temporary or permanent, that can cause certains fear, worrying, and even apprehension. Mild anxiety is common at work, especially when faced with deadlines, important client meetings, presentations, and pitches. While temporary, it can affect your ability to focus, cause mood swings, and loss of appetite. According […]

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Race For Life Buddy Run: Putting The Fun Back In Run

Fitness should be in our priority even in the tight schedules that we maintain. A good way of stretching our stiff muscles is through fun runs that abound every month in the calendar. This month, we have another long weekend for the Bonifacio Day on November 30 to commemorate the life of the Filipino hero, […]

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Take A Walk: Take Some Time Off, Drink Tea

Mondays are always stress times especially after the very long Halloween weekend. We at Pinay Media Planner admit that we feel the same way as well but do not push yourself too much and take a bit of time off from your regular busy schedules. The British do it better with their long tea breaks […]

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Take A Walk: Nature Trip With A Purpose

House-Work-House, for most of us that will be the daily routine. While routines and status quo works for those resistant to change, oftentimes this drains out our energy. Constant traffic and shifting work loads take a toll on your energy or enthusiasm the you find yourself suddenly with free time after the projects in the […]

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Export Quality Shopping Deals at the 27th Negros Trade Fair

In the Philippines, starting with September, people call the last four months of the year as “-ber” months in anticipation of the most favorite “-ber” of the year and that is Christmas in December. As jolly Christmas carols begin mixing with cool air, some Christmas bazaars are starting to pop-up. Negros Trade Fair, the longest […]

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Have A Wire-Free Weekend!

Happy Friday, Pinay Media Planner! It’s the weekend once more and we’re here with a fun suggestion for you to destress: How about having a “Wire-free Weekend”? We are living in the era of oversharing. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media apps and services that abound, housed in our über-portable smartphone […]

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