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New Makati Ordinance sets limits on size, height, location of Billboard and Signage

The newly-enacted Billboard and Signage Ordinance of Makati has taken effect last Monday, June 30, and the city government will be evaluating all existing and proposed non-mobile billboards and signage in the city according to its provisions and guidelines on dimensions, height, illumination and location, among others. Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin S. Binay said City […]

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Waxing Nostalgic: An Informal History Of Internet, Social Networking And Blogging In The Philipines

Do you still remember the days when the Internet was relatively new, and email was a newfangled communication luxury that mostly only teens and yuppies used? When Yahoo! was still a search giant, and Google was for the geeks? We know that your mind must still be back at home, with memories of the Christmas […]

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Social Media Use: The Bad vs. The Awesome

In this day and age of social media, advertising companies are, by now, either maturing in their use of the medium, or, finally understanding how crucial the medium is to their business. While there are companies who already “get it,” some companies and social media managers still don’t know where to draw the line in […]

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RebelMouse: An Up And Coming Social Media Innovation

Social Media/Social Networking is such a dynamic field right now, and those who have been online long enough, know that there is no such thing as that one social network that has survived the different “epochs” of the Internet Age. If you still remember Friendster and MySpace, then you’re most likely old enough to have […]

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Truly Connecting With Life: “Disconnect To Connect”

In this industry, tech and gadgets are indispensable to the trade. We need to be on top of our clients’ demands, and we also need to be active on Social Media. In fact, some of us may even need to engage in Social Media while we’re on our downtimes, because we NEED to. This video […]

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Resource: Tips And Trends In Digital

Digital is here to stay, and there’s no denying that. Whether it’s Social Media or Digital Signage, digital is definitely a cornerstone of an effective advertising campaign. However, finding the right formula that brings in results is key. So whether you’re here to find new ideas for your next campaign, or you need an angle […]

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Cristel Gonzales: Omnicom Media Group Philippines’ New Platforms Director

Young, dynamic, full of life, and perfect for her role. This is Cristel Gonzales, Omnicom Media Group Philippines’ new Digital Director. From her first online advertising post as a Web Coordinator for Yehey! Corporation back in 2007, Cristel had already had extensive training in handling web content, as well as Google Analytics Reporting and Analysis […]

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Of Google And Facebook’s Ad Campaigns

Let’s face it. “Google” and “Facebook” are two words that are heavily used these days. Needless to say, it’s because these are THE two biggest websites on earth, at this moment. In fact, you probably got to this article page through either of these two websites. But big as they are, would you ever imagine […]

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“Beauty Is Skin Deep”: Of Kids, Smartphones And Social Media

There’s no escaping it: Social media is here to stay. In fact, you probably got to this page from a link on Facebook. You’re probably sharing today’s breakfast via Instagram, and you’re probably texting a friend if you can meet up for lunch on Friday via Viber. Or, scratch Viber. Why not just send a […]

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Choose Well, Vote Wisely: A Relevant Ad From McCafe

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.   It’s “all systems go” for Election Day on Monday, May 13th of 2013. From’s Purple Thumb campaign, to the smear campaigns on the different political hopefuls, to the tug-of-war for who gets presidential sister Kris Aquino’s nod of endorsement, and down to the “mysterious” metro-wide […]

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“I Can Be A Sark!” — A Cute Affirmation By A Sprightly 4-Year Old

In life, ups and downs abound, and when the down times come, we really need a pick-me-up to snap us back into a positive state of mind. This little girl knows something that most of us need to be constantly reminded of: we need to keep psyching ourselves up to “go get ’em.” No matter […]

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Of Ikea And Creepy Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes have a tendency of seeming so creepy that they’re always the subject of B-rated horror movies. Check out what Ikea did with the horror that is garden gnomes and the twist they did with it.     Enjoy your Friday, Pinay Media Planner!

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A Viral Profession Of Love — Enjoy Your Journey Danny And Kristen: #EYJDK @EYJDK

Valentine’s is more than a couple of months over, and June, the so-called wedding month, is a whole month away yet. But a New Yorker, “Danny,” declared his love for “Kristen” in posters and hash tags: By @love_lely By @libbybritain The sweet declaration of love has now surpassed Danny’s goal of reaching 160 photos of […]

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An eCommerce Platform Is Dead; But Long Live eCommerce

It sent shockwaves throughout the Internet when it happened. The entrepreneurial ones who heard of it quickly launched into a “X Social Network-eCommerce Platform is DEAD; long live eCommerce” campaign, hawking courses and seminars on how to cope with the news. The rest of us shrugged and trudged on. It started out as a social […]

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Evian: Pure As A Baby

We found this video on Fast Company’s Co.Create blog. Check out how they interpreted their slogan, “Drink Pure and Natural. Live Young.” Enjoy, Pinay Media Planner. 😉

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