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Resource: Tips And Trends In Digital

Digital is here to stay, and there’s no denying that. Whether it’s Social Media or Digital Signage, digital is definitely a cornerstone of an effective advertising campaign. However, finding the right formula that brings in results is key. So whether you’re here to find new ideas for your next campaign, or you need an angle […]

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HDI Admix Rolls Out

Last June 21st, HDI Stopovers/Adventures held a major industry party in Republiq. The big shebang, hosted by Paolo Bediones, was to launch the new HDI Stopovers/Adventures brand, HDI Admix. HDI Admix is set to handle Digital OOH for the company. The LED billboards in McKinley and the 10 Gantries in EDSA are part of HDI […]

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Of Rights, Children’s Rights And Ad Campaigns That Support Them

The elections just over and done with, and the country is either rejoicing or sulking at what the rest of the nation has voted for. Either way, life goes on. If you’ve voted yesterday, Pinay Media Planner, then pat yourself on the back for exercising your right to suffrage. If you didn’t get to, make […]

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Two Remarkable Uses Of Digital Signage

We’ve discussed how Digital Signage is the OOH medium of the future. Envelope Digital Media also highlighted the potential of DOOH in blazing new trails in advertising. But this morning, we’re sharing a couple of interesting ways that digital signage has been used around the world. 1. To catch a thief. Or a couple of […]

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“Network, Networth” Gathers DOOH Operators at BGC

Last Tuesday, March 19th, 2013, Digital Out-Of-Home Media operators were brought together through an event entitled “Network, Networth.” Held at 2nds in Bonifacio Global City, Envelope Digital Media gave DOOH operators a glimpse into the concept of aggregation which has already been done in online platforms. Envelope Digital Media is a part of the Hot Air […]

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Jay Bautista Takes On A New Role

Remember last year, when The Nielsen Company Philippines’ Managing Director Jay Bautista stepped down from one of the industry’s most crucial posts? We wondered what his next move was and where he aimed to take his advertising acumen and brilliance next. Turns out, Mr. Bautista shifted gears: from market research to digital. Enter Envelope Digital. […]

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3rd Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media Held At BGC

The 3rd Philippine Forum on Digital Out-of-Home Media was recently held at The Jaguar Lifestyle Centre at Bonifacio Global City.  DOOH.3 as dubbed by the organizers took place on Friday, October 12, 2012.  Seen at the forum were varied folk from ad agencies, advertisers, digital media practitioners, out-of-home media suppliers, entrepreneurs and key players in […]

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TJ Parpan Gives the “Whys” for DOOH to Converge with the Internet

  Hot Air Balloon Group’s TJ Parpan talks at the recent edition of the Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media at the Jaguar Lifestyle Center.  TJ’s talk focused on the importance of Digital Out-Of-Home and its role in the digital space. —

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OOH Bits: Why Media Planners Should Attend The 3rd DOOH Forum

OOH Media has been tagged as one of the most effective form of advertising, emphasized in our past few articles here at Pinay Media Planner. There remains no doubt why OOH Media plays an integral part of the wider marketing communications mix. The proliferation of billboards along EDSA and other main thoroughfares despite strict regulations is a […]

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OOH Bits: The Caveman, Ancient OOH, OOH Media Today

Out-of-home media is one of the most flexible mediums of advertising that has developed through the years. From the handpainted billboards of old, to the printed ones used in recent years, and now, the LED billboards with digital transit advertising in LRT stations, OOH has taken varying degrees of change to suit the development of […]

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Attend The DOOH.3! Spotlight: DOOH.3 Speaker Ron Graham

Ron Graham, a British specialist on out-of-home advertising now based in Singapore, will speak for the DOOH.3 Forum or the 3rd Philippine Forum on Digital Out-Of-Home Media next Friday at the Land Rover and Jaguar Activity Center in Bonifacio Global City! Ron is currently managing Media On The Go, a consulting service firm in the […]

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Attend The DOOH.3! Spotlight: DOOH.3 Speaker TJ Parpan

Seminars and forums are great places to pick up new things and refresh one’s memory on existing industry knowledge. No one can really claim a monopoly on the best industry strategies, and neither can anyone claim that they have memory more retentive than 10 elephants combined. And this is why refresher courses, seminars, and forums […]

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All Roads Lead To Bonifacio Global City For The 3rd Philippine Forum On Digital OOH Media

When people speak of OOH or Out-of-Home media, immediately billboards in the main thoroughfares of Metropolitan Manila will come to mind. As heightening restrictions are imposed on billboards, what future does OOH hold? Philippine companies are going digital, so do OOH with Digital OOH or DOOH media as LED e-billboards and LCD displays are overtaking […]

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The Attention-Arresting Possibilities Of 3D Advertising

If you were an 80’s or 90’s baby, you probably recall those paper glasses with a red filter on one eye and a blue filter on the other. You probably recall the squiggly-lined pictures you were given to look at, then marveled at how the drawings come to “3D” life. You and your friends probably […]

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The Virtual Shelf: Shopping Amplified

A bright and sunny Tuesday to you, Pinay Media Planner! Okay, it may not be bright and sunny where you are, but you can always feel bright and sunny whether the sun is out or not, right? Well, if Monday had pummeled you over the head yesterday, here’s something to comfort us all, this wonderful […]

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