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Happy New Year from Pinay Media Planner

Dear Loyal Readers, It is my pleasure to greet a Happy New Year as we take a New Leap! We have now crossed over from the hardest toils and sweetest success of 2012, facing new challenges and most importantly, more opportunities in the media industry. The previous year has revealed the growth of our country’s media […]

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Media Man On The Street: Year End Recap – Media In 2012

The year is setting to a close and people are preparing for the coming New Year of 2013. 2012 is good for Pinay Media Planner and as our tribute to our loyal readers with the ever dynamic Philippine media, we are looking back at the stories and events that defined our 2012. We identified a […]

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Poll of the Week: Network Battle Rages, This Time Between GMA Network and – PTV4?

Conflicts between Philippine TV titans ABS-CBN 2, GMA Network 7, and TV5, are commonplace as the first two battle it up to increasing provincial viewerships, while the latter is catching. For quite sometime, it has been Pax Romana between the three TV titans but recently, GMA Network is involved in an toss up not with ABS-CBN […]

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Media Man On The Street: Joyful Living. Joy, Third Candle of Advent.

It is now exactly a week before Christmas and people are busy shopping some gifts for the loved ones. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year and associated with joy. In fact, one of the most popular Christmas carols of all time is Joy to the World that is sang in all […]

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Media Man On The Street: Season of Reconciliation. Peace, The Second Candle of Advent.

Christmas is near as only a couple of weeks are in the count for what we call as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” In many Christian churches that still practice some traditional vestiges of celebrating Christmas or Advent season, the second candle of Advent would have been lighted up. Traditionally purple in color and […]

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Poll of the Week: What Is Your Favorite Café?

There is nothing more basic of a staple drink in the world of media than coffee, either in daily work at the office or at usual client meetings. In fact, the country is 10th among Asians in terms of coffee consumption. Pinay Media Planner made an online poll asking media planners, and other readers alike on their […]

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Media Man On The Street: Christmas Is Here! Hope, The First Candle of Advent.

In the traditional celebration of Christmas, the Christmas Season or Advent starts at the First Sunday of the Advent where churches light up the first purple candle. This symbolizes hope that people see each time Christmas comes to our calendars, a fitting image of light still shining amidst the dark uncertainties we face in life. […]

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Poll of the Week: Money or Happiness? Which Is More Important To Filipinos?

Last week, November 19, 2012, Campaigns Singapore reported that the Y&R Generation Asia survey shows that Singaporeans love happiness more than money or material wealth. This is no surprise as the younger Singaporeans have seen the effects of a finance or career-oriented life among the older generations. Y&R’s poll results begs another question, do Filipinos […]

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Celebrate Thankfulness In Thanksgiving Day

Today, November 22, 2012, marks Thanksgiving Day in the United States to commemorate the bountiful harvests that their Pilgrim forefathers had in the early New England settlements. The Philippines may not be anymore an American colony but the celebration is seeing a revival in the country as malls craft Thanksgiving Sales as a marketing move […]

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The BIR Issues A New Taxation Method, Affecting Media Billing Procedures

In the industry, we’re used to the simpler process of the Client hiring a Media Agency, and having the Agency handle all the transactions included in the advertising process: from commissioning the creative team to create the content, and down to finding the Media Suppliers to host the content. In this paradigm that we’re used […]

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The Pinay Media Planner’s Notes: Three Elements That Make Content Worth Consuming

What resonates with me are people who have authentic voices, are experts in their field or have a strong perspective. And, of course, it has to be visually appealing. –Nina Garcia, Fashion Director, Marie Claire; Judge, Lifetime’s Project Runway; Author: The Little Black Book of Style, The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every […]

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The Most Hilarious Billboard on EDSA

Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die.  This is a hilarious statement which can still shock Filipinos despite the morbid reality that we do take so much pains in remembering the dearly departed on November 1. Nevertheless, if there is good time for anyone to leave earth for a celestial home, […]

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OOH Bits: Wisdom From Experience In The Narrowing Industry Turf

OOH media are one of the traditional staples of advertising for it’s ability to attract the attention of more than 80% of the consumer market. Its most common component are the billboards that cover the whole stretch of EDSA and the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and even emerging metropolises of Bacolod, Davao […]

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Who's In? Is The Battle For GMA Network Ownership Just Starting, Or Wrapping Up?

In the recent ad by GMA Network, the TV network reported that the network and its sister channel, GMA News TV are leading in statistics for viewership in Metropolitan Manila. As the network is doing good statistically with a strong regional network group with local station presence from Ilocos to Zamboanga, no wonder Manny Pangilinan […]

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Print Media Is Here To Stay

“The print media have importance in social development and nation-building. I commend you for choosing to use the pen, which is a more difficult task.” –Mayor Alfredo Lim It was English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton who first wrote that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” True enough, print media has been the force that has […]

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