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Jay Bautista Takes On A New Role

Remember last year, when The Nielsen Company Philippines’ Managing Director Jay Bautista stepped down from one of the industry’s most crucial posts? We wondered what his next move was and where he aimed to take his advertising acumen and brilliance next. Turns out, Mr. Bautista shifted gears: from market research to digital. Enter Envelope Digital. […]

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Stuart Jamieson Of The Nielsen Company, New Zealand, Replaces Jay Bautista

February saw the resignation of well-loved industry pillar, Jay Bautista. Not a few people felt the loss; for those who knew him well and worked closely with him, it was almost as if they would be missing a father. For those in the industry who knew him from a distance, his career move came as […]

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The Nielsen Company Managing Director Jay Bautista Moves On

  When a great leader from an industry force departs from its ranks, it is no wonder that people around him will feel the absence. The Nielsen Company Philippines’ Managing Director Jay Bautista said goodbye to the company he served for the past 19 years, just this Tuesday. A family man who has earned the […]

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