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Safety Tips For Women And Pinay Media Planners

In light of the many risks and dangers that women face nowadays, here are a few crucial tips to arm yourself with: Click the photos to see them in full size. *** And here are more articles on self-defense and safety: More than that, if travel is on top of your Bucket List, take note […]

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Midnight Hunger Blues? Sammiches To The Rescue!

Case #1: It’s deadline season and you brought work back home. It’s already past one, and you’re just a few details short of finishing your strategy for a very prized client for your agency. Then, suddenly, hunger strikes. Case #2: Your team decided to camp out in the office because you-all have to finish your […]

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Dealing With Office Gossip

It’s a given that any workplace composed of three or more people will have gossip. Here is some tips on how to not be the subject of the office TMZ. – – 1. Don’t trust people to keep secrets – What you say, what you do, and what your outfit was when you said and did something […]

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V.A. Rufino Street in Makati is now "Two-way"

Starting, September 1, 2012, V.A. Rufino St. (more commonly known to advertising folk as Herrera street) is already a two-way street. Parking is no longer allowed along this street. For those coming from the south and entering Makati through the Skyway, you can make a left into Herrera/Rufino when coming from Amorsolo Street.   —

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Stay Safe, Pinay Media Planner!

How are you, Pinay Media Planner? The heavy rains in Metro Manila brought by Typhoon “Gener” and eventually the Southwest Monsoon rains certainly caused another catastrophe of Ondoy proportions. Since August 7, 2012, Metro Manila had been subject to massive flooding in various areas. While the typhoon certainly brought a bulk of the rainfall, the […]

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What A Pinay Media Planner Should Do In Case Of Fire

March is Fire Prevention Month. Yearly, even as fires ironically rage through different spots in the country, fire drills and fire prevention awareness campaigns and seminars are conducted. This doesn’t stop fires from happening in these hot summer months, but these campaigns sure help individuals protect themselves from possible calamities. So, what does a Pinay […]

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