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Three Visayan Out-Of-Town Suggestions So You Can REST

It’s Friday once again and we know you’re ready to kick off your shoes and just relax and forget the maddening crowd for a bit. It may be a little too late to take off and get on a weekend getaway right this moment, but you sure can wait for the next Seat Sale from […]

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Vacation Or Stay-cation?

  When brainstorming for vacation spots here in the Philippines, it is easy to think of going to one of the many beaches that our country is famous for. As a tropical country, there are many such places that you can visit, whether you enjoy the night life in Boracay or prefer the seclusion of island […]

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Top Holy Week Destinations In The Visayas

Holy Week is a highly anticipated time in the Philippines. A largely Catholic country, Filipinos not only celebrate Holy Week with reverence, we also celebrate it with a hint of pomp. The Philippines has different celebrations or commemorations of Jesus’ travails on the Cross, from the traditional Last Supper to Crucifixion commemoration, which is called […]

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Budget Travelling

Let’s face it – urban life can get pretty toxic. From the horrendous traffic to the hectic deadlines, the pressures of social activities and the repetitive stress can get to you. We need to unwind from time to time. Luckily for us, we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and […]

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3 Tips for Saving for a Summer Getaway

The weather is changing, and it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer! If you haven’t made your vacation plans yet, start now while all the nice resorts aren’t booked up and the cheap tickets haven’t been locked down. But first, save up now so you won’t have to hitchhike your way to your destination. […]

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Roundabout: Travel Tips For The Month of Festivals

A travel writer once said that New Year’s Day is not the end of holiday revelry in the Philippines as key cities simultaneously play host to world-renowned religious festivals paying homage to culture and a strong Catholic devotion. As tourists flock to the shores, expect skyrocketing airfares that would punch holes in your already money-drained wallets […]

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Roundabout: Travel By The Road Less Traveled In Nabas, Aklan

Boracay Island is the favorite travel destination of both domestic and foreign tourists visiting the country. While the powdery white sands of Boracay’s long beach is an enjoyable treat, some have lamented the transformation of the island from a quiet paradise to a noisy party destination reminiscent of Manila. Unknown to typical tourists, just across […]

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Roundabout: Helpful Tips For Long Out-of-Town Travel

All the hard work for this week comes to this – the long Bonifacio Day weekend. Long travels to the beaches of La Union, Batangas or even Camarines Sur are the ideal beach destinations for Manileños but like Dante’s trip to heaven, one must pass through hell in order to reach ‘paradise.’ Here are helpful […]

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Take A Walk: Nature Trip With A Purpose

House-Work-House, for most of us that will be the daily routine. While routines and status quo works for those resistant to change, oftentimes this drains out our energy. Constant traffic and shifting work loads take a toll on your energy or enthusiasm the you find yourself suddenly with free time after the projects in the […]

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El Nido Resorts Opens Fourth Island Resort Next Month At Pangulasian Island

Need vacation ideas for the upcoming long Halloween weekend? El Nido Resorts, the company behind luxury resort developments at Apulit Island in the town of Taytay, Palawan, Lagen and Miniloc Islands in the town of El Nido, Palawan, announced that they will open their fourth resort at Pangulasian Island. Set for a soft opening on […]

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Travelife Magazine: A Travel Magazine For Travelers By Travelers

Have every wondered which places to go to in your spare time? Travel magazines proliferate the Philippine market with sprinkles of photos, articles and travel tips due to a growing generation of young professionals with money and time to spare. We caught on the latest issue of Travelife Magazine, a publication under Tridem Asia Publishing, Inc. […]

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Long Weekend Week 2

So how did you spend your long weekends, Pinay Media Planner? For the past two weeks, Mondays have been extra rest days, for Pinay Media Planner and the rest of the Philippine workforce alike. While some of us went on quick getaways to Baguio, Batanes, Bohol, Boracay, Coron, and wherever else we could think of, […]

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Pinay Media Planner Travel Guide: Breathtaking Batanes!

  If there is any travel destination in the Philippines that goes down in the travel books (and travel shows) as that one place that makes you feel like you’re visiting other countries, it will have to be the Province of Batanes.       The Province of Batanes is a mini-archipelago composed of 10 […]

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Weekend Reading For The Pinay Media Planner

It’s another Saturday to cap the week that was. How to spend the weekend? We’re pretty sure you probably just want to kick your high heels off and laze the days away. On the other hand, it won’t hurt to check out a few “Oh, wow, I didn’t know that!” posts from around the blogosphere:

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Need Travel Ideas? Try JUAN Philippines

  The modern Filipino is no longer content to sit behind the desk and trudge out the 9 to 5. Today, the Filipino worker, Media Planners included, would love to carve out a more experience-filled, rich, meaningful existence. The Charge by Brendon Burchard points out that one thing that will cause a person to regain […]

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