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The “Tough Trinity” Of The Apprentice Asia: Tony Fernandes, Kathleen Tan And Mark Lankester

  You’d think the guy behind turning around AirAsia would be as scary as we see him on The Apprentice Asia. But, as Filipino contender Jonathan Allen Yabut says: “I would’ve expected him to be harsher – not to say that he’s not harsh, [because] he’s really harsh in the boardroom. I thought he would […]

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Celina Le Neindre: The Model-Food And Beverage Consultant Vying For The Apprentice Asia

To watch another version of her video profile, CLICK HERE. *** A looker with a modeling career in her work history to boot, it may never occur to the audience that Celina Le Neindre is no stranger to manual labor. Her official contestant bio indicates that she started her work life scrubbing toilets and washing […]

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The Apprentice Asia Debuts On AXN Asia — Spotlight: Jonathan Allen Yabut

  Last night was a fateful night for AXN Asia, as it launched the world premiere of The Apprentice Asia. If you followed the Mark Burnett franchise straight from the original The Apprentice hosted by THE Donald Trump, you have an idea of what The Apprentice Asia promises to be: nothing but cutthroat competition from […]

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AXN Big Thrill Boracay: A Party Slash Amazing Race-ish Event In Boracay

    Boracay is always buzzing during the summer months. It is the perfect place to push away the dirt, grime, traffic jams and the heat of the city, without needing to sacrifice any of the expected conveniences that city people enjoy. And since it is the perfect summer hub, especially for Manilans who need […]

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Five Reasons To Have A Cable TV Subscription

  After a long day at work, wouldn’t you just love to kick back, relax, and watch a TV show? We’re sure there’s plenty to watch on free-to-air TV. But sometimes, the mind just craves for something more, you know? So you have two options: rent or buy DVD movies and series, or subscribe to […]

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A Steady Dose Of Hannibal Lecter On AXN Asia

  There’s a new crime thriller making waves across prime cable TV: Hannibal. If Silence of the Lambs redefined psychological thrillers and created a new genre altogether, and Hannibal picked up where Silence of the Lambs left off, there’s a series that takes off from the energy of Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal, […]

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Hawaii Five-0 On AXN Asia: Your Vote, Your Ending

Hawaii Five-0, the latest CBS “police procedural” drama to hit the screen, has a promo for its avid viewers. Today, Tuesday, March 26, 2013, at 10:00 PM, you will be given the opportunity to vote for the ending to Episode #313, entitled “Kapu”/”Forbidden.” This episode has three possible endings, and it will depend on YOU, […]

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Pinay Media Planner TV Guide: History Asia Bares 2013 New Year Highlights

History Asia is prepared for the New Year as they reveal their program for January 2013. For the first day of New Year, marvels of modern engineering will be shown for premier of Mega Modern Marvels on January 1st, Tuesday at 8pm. Popular programs like Kings of Restoration, Pawn Stars, The Pickers and Axe Men, will be back for their […]

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History Asia To Give Away iPad Mini For Lucky Asian History Geeks

Want a Merry, Happy Christmas? History Asia says you can be with an iPad Mini and it’s not too late to win one. Just visit the website,, and answer the History Christmas Quiz for a chance to win. Promo is until December 25, 2012 only. *** Photo Credits: History Asia Press Release

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The Apprentice Brings The Ultimate Job Interview To Asia

The Apprentice has screened hundreds of applicants in the United States and the United Kingdom, hearing the heartbreaking “You are fired” from Donald Trump or fulfilling their dream. Now, Asia will also have a chance to have a shot at the corporate stardom as Malaysian billionaire and Forbes Asia Businessman of the Year 2012, Tony […]

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History Channel Takes No. 2 Spot In Stiffly Competitive Philippine Cable TV

History Asia, one of the cable TV channels with fastest growing Philippine viewerships, posted a close second spot as top prime time factual entertainment channel for general viewers. The channel also posted another close second spot among the viewers aged 16+ while it posted a marginal top spot among the viewers aged 25+. For whole day […]

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Pinay Media Planner TV Guide: AXN, beTV Last Hurrah For 2012

2012 is coming to a close in almost a month from now but AXN and beTV still has a last hurrah of new shows and series before the yearend. Sit back, relax, and check out what is new with two of the hottest English-language channels in the Philippine Cable TV. beTV Wedding Band Airs every […]

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Destiny Cable Inks Agreement, Airs AXN and BeTV

AXN and it’s sister channel beTV is now on Destiny Cable! Destiny Cable is a subsidiary of SkyCable, the country’s largest provider of cable TV. Starting last Thursday, AXN and beTV is now included in Destiny Cable’s list of basic channels offered to their regular clients on channels 61 and 62 respectively. The launch of […]

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JackCITY’s New Drama Series ‘Vegas’ Premieres Today, November 12, 2012

JackCITY will premiere today another intense drama series set in Las Vegas, America’s Sin City. From the makers of Godfellas with a powerhouse cast comes a real-life series on former Las Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb who brings order to the otherwise troubled city in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The new series tells the deeper […]

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Sherlock Holmes Contemporary Twist ‘Elementary’ Airs In JackCITY

When you say “detective,” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is a top of the mind recall and this classic novel has spurned contemporary appearances in other novels, theater plays, movies, and TV series. JackCITY airs a contemporary twist to the classic detective story where Sherlock Holmes finds himself in a drug rehab center in […]

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