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An Empathetic Christmas For 2013


Christmas is exactly 40 days to the day, as of today, and yet possibly half of the Philippines is looking at what is possibly the bleakest Christmas they would have in years. While most of us could only look on and empathize as much as we can, and while we wish that everybody could just care more, nobody can deny that life goes on for those who have not experienced the Yolanda and Bohol Quake 2013 catastrophe first-hand.

So this puts us in a conundrum: Do we stay happy and allow life to go on, in spite of the suffering in the affected areas of the country, OR is there actually something we can do to share the burden and actually EMPATHIZE instead of merely SYMPATHIZE.

As they say, “Empathizing” is as walking in an aggrieved person’s shoes, while “Sympathizing” is merely feeling compassion for the affected.

This coming Christmas season, hopefully, we’ll choose to EMPATHIZE instead of merely SYMPATHIZING.

There is a company in Makati that chose to slash their Christmas budget from Php 600,000 to Php 100,000, with the intention to give the Php 500,000 to the Yolanda typhoon victims. As for a company or organization closer to home, the OAAP is currently working on sending used tarps of defunct billboards and giving them to Yolanda victims as temporary shelter materials.

They say that the essence of Christmas is in giving; 40 days from now, wouldn’t it be nice if your company/agency embodied that spirit of generosity by giving a piece of your hearts, through sharing material comfort, for those who have been devastated the most by the recent disasters that beset the Visayas?

Indeed, wouldn’t it be nice?


Photo Credits: America’s Best Inns & Suites

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