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Cloud Apps You Should Start Using

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A Pinay Media Planner‘s life isn’t easy, so it’s but a given that she needs all the help she can get in the way of the different planners, binders, folders, and even file cabinets that she can appropriate for her organizational use. However, in the age where the file cabinet has been all but replaced by the almighty terabyte-sized external hard drive, or better yet, a 100-GB premium account at either Dropbox or Google Drive, isn’t it high time that you take your organizational-fu to the Cloud as well?

Enter the Cloud apps. Cloud apps are software that you can use anywhere there is an Internet connection, often from your browser. If you’ve been using Google Docs via Google Drive, which come with your Google Account, then you’re already using Cloud apps.

More than Google Docs for your basic on-the-go Office Suite needs, though, here are a few other nifty Cloud-based applications that may come in handy for when you need your files on the fly.

File Storage:

Dropbox is THE file storage service of choice, but you may also use Google Drive, Mediafire and the up-and-coming Copy.

Text And Notes:

Evernote is the crowd favorite. It allows you to store notes, photos, links, and anything and everything you may need to share across your devices and your browser. Google Drive/Docs’ Documents and Dropbox can handle text notes as well.

If you’re really not in the mood to use a separate app for note-taking, how about creating a secret Facebook Group and just storing notes to yourself there? Easier and a bit more painless.

Task Lists, Project Management And Collaboration:

There are standard project management tools out there like Basecamp, Central Desktop or Asana, but for most people, these are just a little too complicated for comfort. There are easier, faster tools to use nowadays.

If you prefer seeing your to-dos up on cork message boards for clarity and so you can see the bigger picture, there’s a Cloud app that lets you do something as close to message boards as it gets: Trello. Trello lets you organize your to-do’s by cards, lists and boards, with drag-and-drop functionality. It lets you create a workflow however you choose to do it, and it lets you move things around as easy as dragging and dropping.

If you prefer your project management with a more Facebook-like feel, you can use Wedoist or Podio. While you may host files and comment on these, even post “Status Updates” for the statuses of your deliverables, if you don’t really want another account to think about, you may even use a Secret Facebook Group as a project management tool instead.

If you’d prefer a Weekly perspective on your to-do’s, TeuxDeux may be a paid app, but it’s worth every penny you pay for it. It allows you to schedule your to-do’s from a week’s perspective, drag them around, and even tick them off as you finish them. If you neglect to do anything about your to-do’s, they just “roll over” to the next day.

If you prefer a more list-type to-do list, you have a few choices:

Google Tasks is the simplest-looking and easiest to think about among the three options. Just find the Tasks link on the drop-down on your GMail account. When you do, a tiny pop-up tab appears at the bottom-right of your GMail screen, which you can expand. There is also a Canvas View you can use, if you need it. Screenshots are on the links on this paragraph.

Wunderlist is another to-do list with a twist. It’s simple, but it’s elegant, and comes with beautiful backgrounds. You may also collaborate with your lists. Todoist has a similar structure, but has a white interface. It comes from the makers of Wedoist, and was the spark that led to the creation of Wedoist. Flow, the app, also uses the same structure, but is a paid app.

You get to choose among these different task lists based on how elegant or complex you’d like your to-do app to be.


You’re in demand, and you know it. Sure, Google Calendar, iCal, or your Blackberry’s calendar will suffice with scheduling your appointments, but what if other people would want to check out when you’re free?

MeetMe and Doodle allow other people to find a time that’s free on your calendar themselves, book a date with you themselves, then you get to approve or reschedule their choices on your own sweet time. If you’re the regular Pinay Media Planner who doesn’t have a PA of her own, then this is a step closer towards having that.

Life doesn’t have to be extra complicated. There is an app for everything, nowadays. So while you’d need to sit down and think through our app suggestions, going through this list will be well worth your time. Because in the long run, you may find an app you really like and it turns out to be super useful for you.

We know you’re going to thank us in the future. 🙂


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  1. On April 6, 2014 at 8:58 pm Dan responded with... #

    For implementing GTD you can use this web-application:


    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.

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