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Dreams Can Come True

Answering a meme on Facebook, MEC’s Strategic Planning Director Adel Tuason posted this:

Adel Tuason

In short, Adel Tuason has come a long way from his 28-year-old self: he has now risen through the ranks of being a media planner, and is well on his way to hitting his dream of becoming a Media Director.

Some people say that in being able to reach one’s dreams, one simply has to dream it and work hard for it. To others, it’s a little more complicated: the story of Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives’ Gabrielle Solis, is the story of a girl’s dogged pursuit of her dreams.

There is an unverified anecdote that Eva Longoria didn’t win a beauty pageant she once joined. But after failing at that first try, it was said that she persistently pursued the crown: She watched videos of beauty pageant winners and lived, breathed, ABSORBED how to win the crown. It was said that the next year, she was able to win the title she had so single-mindedly pursued.

Whether this story of Eva Longoria is true or not, one thing is for sure: it is the story of a person who pursued a dream in such a focused manner, that she eventually got it.

But back to a 28-year-old Media Planner who became a Strategic Planning Director only 10 years later. If there’s anything we can all learn from Adel Tuason’s story, it is this: Dream Big, let the dream burn in your heart, work hard, and it will come true.


There are many stories within PinayMediaPlanner.com that show us of people who worked hard and rose through the ranks:

The charmed life of Ms. Venus Navalta, who has headed not one but TWO of the region’s most respective advertising agencies. The story of media planners Carla Cifra and Meryl Yap, whose excellence has called them to rise from the ranks. The stories of the industry’s most respected, like Mr. Barry Cupples, whose foray into media planning had propelled him into some of the most powerful spots in advertising. Of Mr. Nic Gabunada, whose excellence in parallel fields made him the perfect person to head an advertising giant.

These stories and more show a few ingredients of how to reach one’s dreams:

  • Allow yourself to dream.
  • Let that dream burn in your heart.
  • Work hard and stay excellent as you inch your way to the top.

And if we may add, from our experience of what works:

And you’ll find out that He’s willing to give you the desires of your heart.


Whatever faith or persuasion you may be of, Pinay Media Planner, one thing is for sure: dreaming is not only free; it will keep you going, it will help you soar. More than that: your dreams could actually come true.

Have a great weekend, and stay awesome! 😉


Photo Credits: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Reader Review


Note: A concerned reader sent in a comment (thank you), pointing out that Mr. Adel Tuason’s original designation was that of a “Strategic Planner,” as opposed to “Media Planner.” We’ve contacted another colleague and confirmed that Mr. Tuason, was, indeed, a Strategic Planner at McCann. He achieved his post as Strategic Planner after promotions. He did start off as a Media Planner, however. Like everyone in the industry almost always does.

(Comment: Dreaming big and working hard DOES pay off! 🙂 )


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