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Friday Food Picks: A List Of Your Options


It’s Friday once again, and we’re sure that you’re ready to kick off your shoes for the weekend, Pinay Media Planner. So before you bask in the long weekend that’s ahead, and fulfill your duties for suffrage on Monday, May 13th, we’re giving you options on what to have for lunch or dinner today:


Affordable Authentic Italian At Esprimere Deli


Say Annyeong Haseyo to Chef’s Noodle Philippines


Little Tokyo: The Heart Of Japan In The Heart Of Makati
If you’re ready to take a drive to Batangas, or you can come over this weekend: Minori Tei: Authentic and Affordable Japanese Food In Santo Tomas, Batangas


Food And Family Bonding At The Works Bistro
Friday Food Picks: Fastfood Pasta, Pizza And Japanese

Food Markets:

Banchetto — Affordable Food Fiesta
Friday Food Picks: Wraps, Wraps And More Wraps

Street Food:

Street Food Lovin’

Surely you wouldn’t run out of ideas on what to eat this Friday from this list alone. If you don’t like anything from our list, there’s always the usual fallback options such as Pepper Lunch. If you’re hankering for something more mainstream, more fastfood-ish and more Filipino, try Chic-Boy.

Have a happy weekend, Pinay Media Planner, and don’t forget to vote on Monday!


Photo Credits: I Wish I Liked Flan

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