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Holiday Meal Options For You And Your Loved Ones


It is Christmas Eve! A time for merry-making, downtime (unless you’re paying your dues in the kitchen), spending time with loved ones and forgetting about work, for a couple of days until 2014 starts anew.

With the holiday season right here, right now, you must be zipping to and fro, preparing, and for some, shuttling your Balikbayan friends and family around town. Whether y’all have run out of ideas where to eat for regular dinners, you’re brainstorming on where to bring the entire tribe for Christmas dinner, or, nobody’s really in the mood to cook, with the holiday hustle and bustle and all, we have three suggestions based on some of the most glowing food reviews on the Web:

Van Gogh Is Bipolar. This is possibly one of Metro Manila, in fact, the Philippines’ most interesting restos. Van Gogh Is Bipolar is owned and run by Jetro Rafael, and is in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Jetro himself is bipolar, and his menu has been custom-created to lift the mood by bipolars, crazy folk, and more or less “normal” people alike.

Here are a few reviews to whet your palate:

Hop on over to Van Gogh Is Bipolar’s Official Facebook Page to grab your reservations for dinner!

Corner Tree Cafe. We still have a couple of days of work for most offices and government offices on the 26th and 27th. And if you didn’t set your Vacation Leaves for those dates and will be heading to dinner straight from work, there’s an absolutely convenient, cozy, even beautiful meal nook in the heart of Makati: the Corner Tree Cafe.

Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely lunch to enjoy on these odd workdays, or you’re looking to treat your back-in-town loved ones somewhere interesting, the Corner Tree Cafe is definitely worth a shot.

Discover Makati: Corner Tree Cafe.

Little Tokyo. Pinoy foodies have taken a liking to Japanese food, and with good reason. It is fresh, interesting, light, and healthy. While Tokyo Tokyo is great as a fastfood option, sometimes, you’d wonder whether authentic Japanese has a marked difference in the taste and the subtle notes. Wonder no more, as there is Little Tokyo, also in the heart of Makati City.

Makati Go! — Little Tokyo.

Treat your friends and family, balikbayan or not, to these three interesting, culturally-rich options around the Metro this holiday season. Remember, food is more than just something to stuff your tummy with; it is an experience, and it is a relationship catalyst. The richer the experience, the better the conversation, the more memories built. We hope our options pass your muster, and that you and your loved ones will have a beautiful, good time.

A joyous Christmas to you, Pinay (and Pinoy) Media Planners!




Photo Credits:, Juicy Ecumenism, Cutest Paw

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