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Fun With The Pinay Media Planner Kids Part 2: Bonding With Your Little Princess

A mom of a delightful little boy once told me that raising a girl is a very intimidating challenge. She said that she’d rather raise a boy than a girl, because girls have so many issues. Growing up, I would have to agree, because it took me at least a decade to get over my insecurity and self-confidence issues. That is why mothers of growing girls have to always be able to guide their precious little princesses.

Before I go on with the Part 2 of our 2-part special on fun things to do with Pinay Media Planners’ children, let me just say a few things, as a life observer:

Don’t believe Freud. There’s probably no such thing as the Electra Complex or the Oedipus Complex. Raise your children from the heart. Don’t ever think that boys will only get attached to their moms, or that girls to their dads. Work on being the best mom that you can be, and it starts with love and is expressed by spending quality time raising your children.

In this life, the middle way is always key. From Ecclesiastes to Proverbs to Eastern principles, the middle way has been emphasized. So don’t control. Never micromanage. Neither be too permissive. Just keep an eye out, lead by example and GUIDE.

That being said, here are three ideas how to spend quality weekend time with your Pinay Media Planner daughter:

Learn how to cook — together. If you’re already a great cook, awesomesauce! Then teach your daughter how to cook fun recipes like cupcakes, chocolate cake balls, or pancakes. If you don’t know how to cook, get over the initial fear and remember that cooking is a matter of following the recipe, mixing, tasting, and a treatise in trial and error. People who are great cooks never got their perfect batch of cookies right without a few sheets burned along the way.

One great way to start is by buying a pack of Magnolia Pancake Plus or Pillsbury Pancake Mix. These instant-pancake mixes only need a cup or so of water, mix the batter, cook in a frying pan/griddle, and you’re good to go.

Starting with easy instant mixes like these will get you started with cooking and whet your appetite for more cooking, should you succeed in the mini-endeavor.

You may also want to try and take advantage of cooking classes that abound in the metro. There are summer cooking classes for kids, mom-and-me special classes, as in last year’s Mother’s Day event at the Intercon, as well as classes you can take with master chefs like THE Heny Sison. Check THIS LINK for more details.

If your little princess has siblings, even little princes, you may also engage them in cooking classes. Some of the world’s best chefs are male.

Another food preparation idea isn’t necessarily cooking or baking, but it involves freezing, slicing, dicing and tossing fruit bits into a food processor. Here’s Mango FroYo that you can prepare from your own home:


Visit less privileged children in an orphanage. Compassion is something that a mother will do well to impart to her children. An awareness of how blessed your family is and to not take those blessings is also a plus. Taking your daughter and helping each other feed orphanage children will be an experience that may touch both your hearts.

A visit to a home for the elderly will also be a great idea.

Conquer your fears together. Are you scared of heights? Snakes? Spiders? Then go to a place that exposes you to any of these fears. If you and your daughter have a shared fear of something, it would be a great bonding experience to face those fears and overcome them as a mother-daughter duo. If you’re scared of heights, try the zipline at SM Mall of Asia. If you and your daughter are scared of snakes and spiders, visit the snake and spider enclosures at a nearby zoo, like the Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal.

This concept is called “systematic desensitization“: exposing oneself from an object of fear so that you could get over the fear and live more normally after several exposures.

These are just three ideas that we have for you, in terms of bonding with your little one. These are fun, experiential ways to teach precious life lessons and to deepen your relationship with your precious daughter. We hope that these will spark what new ideas and activities you’ll think up in the future.

These suggestions are also applicable for male children. If you have more ideas, do send them through the comments. We may consider publishing them.

Here’s to a beautiful weekend with your kids, Pinay Media Planner!


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