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Three Business Websites That Are Surprisingly Interesting

If you’re anything like the regular Filipino, you probably like hanging around Rappler, Yahoo, and the other news sites. If you like popular Internet fare, you might be a big fan of 9Gag or BuzzFeed. If showbiz is your thing, then PEP might be on your bookmarks, too. But sometimes, just sometimes, there’s this itch to read something more substantial than the latest Kim Kardashian (or Kris Aquino) shenanigan.

What you read becomes part of who you are. So if you read top quality fare, then you’re definitely on the road to improving yourself. If you read trash, then, go figure. There are three business websites that may cause you to seem like a serious industry nerd to the people who get to glance at what you’re reading, but surprisingly, they actually have fare that’s light and breezy.


Forbes. While it’s definitely a great idea to keep abreast of business and investment news, Forbes actually posts great self-help pieces, like “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid,” or, “Want To Succeed? Don’t Check Your Email – And Work Out At Lunch.” Forbes’ lifestyle and self-help pieces are not just interesting, they’re also pretty helpful. So, even if it feels like you’re being such a nerd when you read a brand like “Forbes,” go ahead, enrich, beef up, your personal growth!


Business Insider. Sometimes, you really just want light fare, like, 21 Awesome McDonald’s Dishes That You Can’t Get In America,” or, if you want to go for something with a tad bit more substance, “Three Reasons Why You Should Order Your Starbucks Drink ‘Extra Hot'” or a rebuttal to that piece, “A Coffee Expert Explains Why It’s A Terrible Idea To Order Your Coffee Drink ‘Extra Hot’.” Of course, there are great self-help pieces as well, such as “How Successful People Make The Most Of Their Weekends.” Business Insider offers Tech, Finance, Politics, Strategy, Life, and Entertainment as its primary categories.


Wall Street Journal. WSJ is where you can read things like “The Two Latin Americas: A Continental Divide Between One Bloc That Favors State Controls and Another That Embraces Free Markets.” But do you know that you can also find “Spouse, Change Thyself”, “Makeup Without Germs: How to Minimize Makeup’s Health Risks—and When to Toss Old Products,” as well as “Can Ginger Help With Asthma? Studies Find It Can Ease Symptoms by Opening Airways.” These three titles alone are pretty telling of the variety of reading fare that WSJ offers.

Reading is the gateway by which we can take in information that can better us, or help us waste time. It’s nice to veer away from the popular websites once in a while and find something meatier, more interesting, and may even steer you to self-improvement.

Have a chill Tuesday afternoon, Pinay Media Planner! 😉


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