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Three Visayan Out-Of-Town Suggestions So You Can REST

It’s Friday once again and we know you’re ready to kick off your shoes and just relax and forget the maddening crowd for a bit.

It may be a little too late to take off and get on a weekend getaway right this moment, but you sure can wait for the next Seat Sale from your favorite airline and book a trip to any of these Philippine locales:

Dumaguete City. Dumaguete is known for their Sylvanas and Sans Rival. But it can give you more than that: Dumaguete will give you a taste of the peace and quiet that you crave.

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Silay City in Negros Occidental. While non-Bacolodnons may associate the ancestral homes of Negros Occidental with Bacolod itself, most of the beautiful and well-preserved ancestral homes are actually located in Silay City. The Hofileña Mansion, the equally preserved Balay Negrense, and the renowned Ruins, are all in Silay City.

More details:

Kalibo, Aklan. Kalibo is the gateway to Boracay. Most travelers pass through Kalibo, but never really get to savor what it can offer. So if you’re looking for a more affordable place to get a little R&R in, this is a good place head for.


    • Work on getting a ticket that’s Php 2,000 or less, round trip. This way, the trip will be more worth your trouble.
    • Find a place to stay that’s super affordable. Try Bee-Bee Lodge (Php 500 a night) or Oliveros’ Place (From Php 250 to Php 800 a night).

What to expect:

  • Your weekend in Kalibo will be a laid-back trip to a place you haven’t visited before. It won’t blow you out of your mind, but it will give you rest.


  • Check out the public market near Gaisano Capital. Markets may not be your thing, but Kalibo’s public market is very clean, well-maintained, and there’s lot of good stuff to find there. There are local delicacies to see and taste, the kind of which couldn’t be found in other Filipino locales. Things like suman prepared like turon, among other things, can be found in the market.
  • Check out the local food. Aside from the restaurants and the fusion/international places, try the regular karinderyas in “Shopping.” One particular karinderya stands out: “Jaranilla Fastfood,” which serves particularly sinful lechon kawali.
  • REST. The point of your weekend getaway is to run far from the maddening crowd, so do just that. Now is the time to stroll through one of the Philippines’ best-maintained parks, the Pastrana Park, get a massage at the affordable local spa, or even visit the Eco Park.
Jaranilla Fastfood in Shopping, Kalibo

Jaranilla Fastfood in Shopping, Kalibo. Just tell the trike to take you to “Shopping,” and ask him to go by the area where there are karinderyas (which is a one-way street, with barbershops at the corner), and you’ll find Jaranilla Fastfood in the middle of that strip of karinderyas.


More about what you can do in Kalibo:



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