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An eCommerce Platform Is Dead; But Long Live eCommerce

It sent shockwaves throughout the Internet when it happened. The entrepreneurial ones who heard of it quickly launched into a “X Social Network-eCommerce Platform is DEAD; long live eCommerce” campaign, hawking courses and seminars on how to cope with the news. The rest of us shrugged and trudged on.

It started out as a social network with blogging and photo sharing as its primary feature. Then Filipinos started using it as a way to sell and resell anything and everything: from clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories, to imported perfumes, and even gadgets. It became such a viable e-Commerce platform in the Philippines that the website decided to revamp its business strategy and format.

And just as they were rolling out the new platform…

…Not even a month after the soft rollout, they decided to shut it down. will be “dead” by Monday, May 6, 2013.

Here is the official letter posted on the website:

Multiply Shutting Down

Click photo to read in full.

And here is the official press release, that’s making the rounds around the blogs, web magazines and industry magazines online:

Multiply Shutting Down PR

Click photo to read in full.

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Indeed, this is very sad news for those who have gotten started on their eCommerce ventures on Multiply.

For those who have gotten used to Multiply giants Kim Lato of Kimstore, David Bornilla of DBGadgets, Ken Wesley Kho of Kensgadget, among other favorites, they can be reached through their and Facebook accounts:




It is a sad day indeed for Multiply users on Monday. But the world is changing, and the Internet is changing as well. Sometimes, some good things must come to an end.

Rest In Peace,

One eCommerce platform will be “dead.” Though, long live eCommerce anyway.


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