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Jay Bautista Takes On A New Role

Remember last year, when The Nielsen Company Philippines’ Managing Director Jay Bautista stepped down from one of the industry’s most crucial posts? We wondered what his next move was and where he aimed to take his advertising acumen and brilliance next. Turns out, Mr. Bautista shifted gears: from market research to digital.

Enter Envelope Digital.

Envelope Digital seeks to aggregate all the DOOH networks, making it easier for advertisers to access a majority of the screens in the country.

Advertising is entering a new era. From mere OOH media such as billboards and static screens, DOOH is now becoming a more interactive, future-forward platform for advertising.

And we commend Mr. Bautista for riding the wave of the future and going digital.

Mr. Bautista is now the Managing Director of Envelope Digital. On March 19th this week, Tuesday, Network, Networth. Network, Networth was a forum on the future of OOH Media, with an emphasis on where Digital OOH stands at this point, not to mention its market potential in the very near future.

Network Networth

Great things are in store for Digital OOH, and we expect to hear more from it from different players in the industry in the coming months.

Visit for more news and updates on DOOH events and conferences. Next week, we’ll be giving you a peek into what happened during Network, Networth.

And as for Mr. Jay Bautista, we know now where his talent will be shining in the days to come.

Cheers to you, Envelope Digital Marketing Director Jay Bautista!

Cheers to you, Envelope Digital Marketing Director Jay Bautista!

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