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Waxing Nostalgic: An Informal History Of Internet, Social Networking And Blogging In The Philipines

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Do you still remember the days when the Internet was relatively new, and email was a newfangled communication luxury that mostly only teens and yuppies used? When Yahoo! was still a search giant, and Google was for the geeks?

We know that your mind must still be back at home, with memories of the Christmas ham haunting your thoughts every now and then, and the anticipation of the leftover fruit salad egging you on to get through the day. However, just for the sake of the fact that we do want to help you kill time a little (don’t tell your boss or director this tiny little tidbit), let’s wax nostalgic on the years that were:

Between 1995 and the year 2000. Blogging was a novelty, and it was social media rockstar and blogging giant Noemi Dado‘s daughter, Lauren Dado, a.k.a. “MussoLoLen” was the first-ever Filipino blogger. Thanks to these pioneers, blogging became chic, and soon became the communications (and advertising) platform that it is today.

The years 2005 to 2010. These were the golden years of blogging and social media. Facebook started in February 2004, and it caught wildfire in the Philippines around 2007 to 2008. From Friendster and MySpace, people started flocking to Facebook, and these were also the years when enterprising digital companies like Snapworx Digital offered fun ways to earn online through social media. Bloggers also became en vogue, and it was common to find endorsements of Hansel Premium on your Plurk timeline.

Social Media and Microblogging caused the almost-death of the blog as a platform. Let’s face it, you’d rather read 160 characters about how such and such was awesome, or a Facebook note on which airline was a fail again, rather than hop on to someone’s non-Facebook blog. Also, with promos like Facebook 0 for Sun Cellular, the bucket promos that include Facebook access across the telcos, or the recent Post-Yolanda and Holiday Free Facebook Promo from Globe Telecom, most people, especially Filipinos, don’t really click outside of Facebook anymore. They prefer seeing their news right on their Facebook News Feeds.

In fact, most of the news got passed and, well, got “viral” thanks to Facebook. So if you keep a blog too (of course, even ad people across the organizational chart do need an outlet), then blame Facebook if you’re no longer earning as much as you used to from Nuffnang or Google AdSense.

And yet, there is still a demographic that likes to read outside Facebook. There’s still a demographic that knows that pulp fiction, or rather, social media news, isn’t really news.

And at the end of the day, it’s the blogs, the different websites with different IP addresses with top quality content that really raise a website’s rankings on Google.

Especially since Facebook is the toughest social media competitor to crack, good luck with your clients’ websites if you’re working your eyes and brains off to see it shoot to #1 on Google.

But we’re going off on a geeky, SEO-ish tangent, which would be better for your SEO consultant to explain.

With this informal timeline of Internet, social media, and search engine history, it’s just nice to wax nostalgic on the second day of the year — and the first-ever workday of the year, and recall how far we’ve come.

Where we’ll be next year, in three years’ time? We’re not sure. For the moment, though…

…It’s back to daydreaming about that fruit salad. 🙂


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