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Billboards on EDSA Guadalupe Loyola Dismantled

The number of EDSA billboards are slowly but surely diminishing as the two giant billboard structures erected on the Laperal Compund in Makati were finally removed on Friday, June 15, 2012.  The two structures which contained a total of 10 billboard spaces (also known in outdoor advertising parlance as panels), had imposing visibility on both the Northbound and Southbound lanes of EDSA as one ascended to the hill of Guadalupe Nuevo where Loyola Memorial Chapels are located.

The structures had its own share of controversial talk over the years because these were erected on a large property occupied by informal settlers.  Occasionally, fires would break out in the property as these are normal occurrences in areas where squatters abound.  One significant fire though was that of April 18, 2011, when the entire billboard caught fire and charred the tarpaulins of Bayo, Folded & Hung (Venus Raj), and Technomarine.

The removal of these structures have significantly cleared the Guadalupe Area of imposing mega structures for outdoor advertising.  First to go was the “Mother-of-all-billboards” on San Carlos Seminary.  Last month, the LED erected on the park at Guadalupe was also removed.

While this is great news for anti-billboard advocates, the reduction in number of spaces in EDSA carries along with it a negative implication among advertisers and media agencies.   The downside for these two groups is that in the diminishing number of billboards, the law of supply and demand kicks in wherein prices for the remaining spaces are driven up due to an issue of scarcity.

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