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Three Monday Morning Tidbits: MMDA Hands Off On Billboards, Gadget Sales, And Productivity Tips


The Haiyan/Yolanda tragedy, the Napoles scandal, PNoy’s perceived ineptitude, the just-concluded Pacman fight (Congrats, Manny!), even Ka Freddie Aguilar’s scandalous marriage to his teen GF, these are the headlines that greet us when we head on to Yahoo! or the other news outfits as we try to get our current update fix.

Well, let us break that mold today and give you three things that may cheer you up:

1. MMDA has been ordered to leave the billboards alone. Agony over the government agency’s interference with a major component of the advertising industry has gone on for years, and this week, we saw a major breakthrough in that MMDA has been ordered to quit policing the OOH industry by the Makati Regional Trial Court. Details on the link.

2. As early as now, there’s already a sale in every corner. And if you’re looking to snag a new, Christmas-cheap phone, now is the time to do so. While it would seem scandalous to buy an expensive new toy in the season where life is just being rebuilt for the Yolanda victims in the Visayas, there’s a reason why this tidbit is actually going to ease your conscience: Christmas sales mean less moolah going to one single purchase. And if you want to up the ante, you can definitely give the amount you saved towards the relief efforts for Leyte and the Yolanda-hit Visayas.

Here are a few leads on the gadget sales that are going on around the metro:

3. Productivity Tips.

    • Check your email on scheduled intervals throughout the day only. Email has that ability to suck up time and make us think that we’re productive, but we really aren’t. So keep your email at bay, and check them at scheduled times instead.
    • As a seasoned media planner, you may already have a method to this madness, but it helps to be reminded every now and then of good strategies to manage projects. And one is, if it’s a rather overwhelming task, to break it in chunks. Even if you’d already broken up your project in stages, if the tasks for the stages could still be broken up, go ahead and separate them into individual tasks. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and, “How do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece.”

And here is an obligatory Haiyan/Yolanda photo that may cheer you up today:

Happy Yolanda Survivor

Have a happy Monday, Pinay Media Planner. 🙂


Photo Credits: HD Wallpapers, Yahoo! Philippines

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