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Wednesday News Digest: When You’re Branded In A Way You Wish You Weren’t, Brand And Media News, And The Mega Star’s “Homecoming”



It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, and whether it’s too hot or a freak shower ruins your day today, it’s still a beautiful Wednesday morning!

Here’s a list of the more relevant news bits to read, as you sip through your coffee and get your brain going for the day’s work. The week is almost over, so, huzzah!


When You’re Branded In A Way You Wish You Weren’t. We’re in the business of brands, but here’s a rather surprising take at a woman who was “branded” for centuries in a way that almost all of us took as “gospel truth.” After almost 2000 years of a skewed way of looking at her story, here’s a fresh new way to look at a character who was our poster child for efficient multi-tasking without truly comprehending the point of all that busy-ness.

2014 Top 10 YouTube Ads In Ph. Just in case you missed it, need to revisit it, or thought about bookmarking this link but it got lost in the flurry of the first quarter storm, then here it is. If you see your account’s vid here, then do a little happy dance inside, ala Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess, but don’t let your officemates catch you.

Cignal TV Now Has More Subscribers Than Skycable. Cignal TV, “the Philippines’ premier nationwide DTH satellite pay TV provider,” [Source: Cignal TV’s Twitter Account] has now surpassed its sister company, Sky Cable, in terms of the number of subscribers. According to this article, SkyCable has 800,000 subscribers nationwide, while Cignal TV now has 845,000. Read more on this link.

Marks & Spencer Breaks With Tradition To Get More Agile On Style. It’s no longer about the brand and image for Marks & Spencer, but also about the product line. Read on about the complete product line overhaul that Marks & Spencer is undertaking, in order to refresh its brand, entirely.

LOOK: Sharon Returns ‘Home,’ Slims Down For ‘Big Day.’ It’s the biggest buzz of the season. The Mega Star finally “comes home” to the network that she was with for 23 whole years. We’re sure you’ve heard about it, but in case you wanted to backtrack:

Sharon Cuneta On TV5: I’ll Work My Famous Behind Off

‘Back To Basics’: Sharon Cuneta Leaves TV5

Sharon Cuneta On Her Return To ABS-CBN: ‘God Woke Me Up’




This is all for today, Pinay Media Planner. Hope you enjoyed our picks, and have a great week ahead! 🙂



Photo Credits: Marinel Cruz/Inq Entertainment,, Bible Art Gallery: Martha & Mary of Bethany

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