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Getting Out Of Living Paycheck To Paycheck By Paying Yourself First

 Image by PKBL Solution Do you, or don’t you? Keep your grocery receipts, that is. Most of us may have picked up the habit from our mothers, who may have trained us to do practical accounting by keeping track of the things we buy. Others may have found that they need to keep track of […]

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Overcoming Spendthrift Habits 3 – Creative Solutions

Image by The Ignatian Perspective One good thing about getting over challenges is that you don’t have to take the same approach every single time. There are creative ways to go about solving the problem, and for things like unlearning bad habits, creativity is one asset that helps you ensure success in retraining yourself. We’re […]

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Overcoming Spendthrift Habits 2 – Basic Solutions

Image by The Digerati Life As we mentioned in the first installment of the Overcoming Spendthrift Habits series, learning how to handle one’s finances is crucial in surviving one’s working 20’s. What use is a 50-thousand-peso-a-month salary if you spend Php 5,000 a day anyway? In ten days, you’d have kissed your salary bye-bye. Thus, […]

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Overcoming Spendthrift Habits 1 – The Roots

Image by Neuromarketing.com One of the toughest things for yuppies to learn includes the fine art of learning how to budget. Fresh out of college, a good number of middle-class yuppies have little to zero budgeting skills. We could point fingers towards a number of factors, but the bottom line is that we may have […]

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Cutting Costs The Fun Way

Image from Woman’s Day A good majority of Filipinos believe that there’s no hope for getting wealthy in these shores. That is why a whopping 12 Million Filipinos are working abroad. However, we here at Pinay Media Planner are of the belief that the Philippines is on the rise. Not only that, given skills, a […]

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