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What's Your Favorite Planner?

Image by Praxis — God Revolution In this crazy mad modern world where juggling is a must and a working gal has to keep on top of her schedules, there’s a need to be and stay organized. One can use a plethora of organizers, both software and old-skool, like paper planners and organizers. Or for […]

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Getting Things Done: Of GTD And Lifehacks

Credits: Command Central by EvelynGiggles Getting Things Done or GTD, is an emerging trend. More than a tool to help organize the working man or woman, it has become a niche in itself. GTD spans the genres of productivity, work-life-balance, and even lifestyle design. People nowadays realized that throwing one’s life into work just isn’t […]

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Paper Planners – Do You Still Use Them?

Credits: BlogBerry on Multiply One thing that is really important for the yuppie of today is the need to manage one’s time. In this respect, an entire industry has been created in order to cater to the yuppie’s need for time management tools and organization material that actually help. From the beautiful free planners given […]

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