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Healthy Fridays: Choosing Healthy Snack Alternatives

 Image by Wikipedia Pinay Media Planner cares about your health, too. That’s why we’re continuing the series we started on health last Friday. So look forward to reading more features on health right here! We’ve established that there’s a need to choose better, healthier food. A fast-paced lifestyle is no longer an excuse to keep […]

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Healthy Fridays: From Fastfood To Health Food

  Image by Ideal Weight And Body Fat So you think that only growing children have a need for better meals and snacks? Well, not really. Adults also need to make better choices with their food. More so for the reason that the modern environment is getting more and more polluted, modern lifestyles are getting […]

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Tips For A Healthier Diet

Image by Hugo Provoste In an earlier blog, we discussed the drawbacks of getting sick while managing a career. It’s a lose-lose situation that one can’t afford to get to, but is an unavoidable setback, when it presents itself. Thus, it’s important to take care of oneself. Here are some tips on how to maintain […]

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