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Happy Singles' Awareness Day To All The Single Media Planners Out There!

Last week, we discussed about the gems of life lessons that we can glean from Sheryl Sandberg. Today, we’ll discuss three aspects of the life of a Pinay Media Planner, especially in the context of today’s big event: Valentine’s Day or, as it’s been dubbed lately, Singles’ Awareness Day. The Singles’ Life Being single is […]

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Domestic Issues of the Single and Independent

Image by Guardian.co.uk We recently had a series on how to move out of one’s childhood home. We discussed the basic concerns you would have as a someone who is now on their own. Now, we’ll discuss the main areas that most young, single professionals could deal with. Landlords. When you rent, don’t just consider […]

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Misconceptions About The Single Life

Image by Turbo Tax A lot of harried wives balance 2 to 4 kids, a career and making sure their marriage doesn’t fall apart. Some of these harried wives not only have these on their plate, but they’re also very active in church and may have meetings to attend and volunteer work to accomplish. Because […]

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Independence Day 2: More Tips To Making The Move

Image by The Journey We pick up where we left off regarding our cheat sheet to moving out of one’s childhood home. We’ve discussed choosing a home, food and how to move out. Now we discuss refining your newfound independent life. 4. Filling up your new home, a.k.a. “More Stuff. Most of the residences in […]

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Independence Day 1: Your Survival Guide To Moving Out Of Your Parents' Home

 Image by Pixdaus.com Like a bird that got tossed out of its nest, a young urban professional, a yuppie, prepares for a new phase in life when he or she decides to live independently. For those who have tried living on their own as a dorm or boarding house resident, the adjustment may not be […]

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Life And Goals: What's The Point?

 Image by Paintings I Love, “Silent Memory” A woman has different dreams as she goes through life. At age 15, all she may want is to find a good boyfriend and get into a great college. At 21, all she may want is to find a good job. At 25, she may want to reach […]

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Image by Halloween Theme Beginnings are the best things. For those of us who have needed a new lease in life, beginnings always give hope. Most people look forward to January 1, for when they can start a new year, and thus change those things in their lives which have been the products of bad […]

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Boracay Island — The Isla That Redefines You

Sunrise on Bolabog Beach Boracay Island: the land of the perfect shores: where the sands are so fine, clumps of it could be mistaken for polvoron. Boracay is considered the party paradise of Manila’s harried yuppies. Whenever they get tired of the city life, many a corporate slave from Makati has tried escaping to the […]

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The Meat Or The Garnish?

What is your definition of success? A Nokia ad essentially asks that question, and their “subjects” answer along the lines of: Not getting cooped up for 8 straight hours in an office. Having more time for the ones they love. Having more time for the people and activities that matter. Living for something more than […]

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Of Taking Stock And Letting Life Take Your Breath Away

The clear waters of Boracay’s shores on a serene morning. Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. -Anonymous Soul searching is something that most people are apt to do come Holy Week or Easter season. It’s something that a lot of people feel […]

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Books Like Road Maps — Cheat Sheets To Life

Image by GoodReads Experience is the best teacher, they all say. But The Good Book says that those who know how to take other people’s advice is wise. A Zen proverb also states: “It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others.” Books are other […]

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Someday Is A Curse Word

Image by jeweljk If you’re from the Bucket List school of thought, we suppose you’re aware that one of the most popular to-do’s for most people is to travel. Others would love to get to live near the beach, on an island paradise, or be able to just kick back, relax and sip margaritas and […]

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What Drives You?

Image by 21st Century Collaborative I’m not sure where it started, but I could remember that it was the book, “Purpose-Driven Life” by Rick Warren that started the movement for me. Prior to that book, I was just thinking along the lines of, “get through high school, go to top Philippine University, get a high-paying […]

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