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What A Pinay Media Planner Should Do In Case Of Fire

March is Fire Prevention Month. Yearly, even as fires ironically rage through different spots in the country, fire drills and fire prevention awareness campaigns and seminars are conducted. This doesn’t stop fires from happening in these hot summer months, but these campaigns sure help individuals protect themselves from possible calamities. So, what does a Pinay […]

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Domestic Issues of the Single and Independent

Image by Guardian.co.uk We recently had a series on how to move out of one’s childhood home. We discussed the basic concerns you would have as a someone who is now on their own. Now, we’ll discuss the main areas that most young, single professionals could deal with. Landlords. When you rent, don’t just consider […]

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Dealing With The Rainy (And Floody) Monsoon Season

Image by One Red Robin Among the most inconvenient of seasons are the rainy months. In a monsoon country like ours, the rains pose not only physical inconveniences; they also pose health and career hazards. Another weather-related setback that goes along with the rains are the flash floods that plague the various cities around the […]

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Independence Day 2: More Tips To Making The Move

Image by The Journey We pick up where we left off regarding our cheat sheet to moving out of one’s childhood home. We’ve discussed choosing a home, food and how to move out. Now we discuss refining your newfound independent life. 4. Filling up your new home, a.k.a. “More Stuff. Most of the residences in […]

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Independence Day 1: Your Survival Guide To Moving Out Of Your Parents' Home

 Image by Pixdaus.com Like a bird that got tossed out of its nest, a young urban professional, a yuppie, prepares for a new phase in life when he or she decides to live independently. For those who have tried living on their own as a dorm or boarding house resident, the adjustment may not be […]

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Stranded: Dealing With The Typhoon Season

Image by Regulus Star Notes It is rainy season once more and everyone in the Philippine Islands is getting drenched, in one form or the other. From Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, the rains have started to pour, right on the dot, as soon as Philippine Calendars hit June. If you were first-hand victims of last week’s […]

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Just For Kicks: Media Planner Survival Kit

Image by Stormfront.org Being a media planner is tough. The schedules are grueling and the job even more so. Advertising is a cutthroat industry, and it’s no surprise that there’s a premium for a top-notch media planner. Thus, it would help if a greenhorn media planner actually got armed with a survival kit the day […]

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