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Stretching Your Budget In Bora

White Beach At Dusk There are three places that people think of when they think about summer: Baguio Puerto Galera Boracay Today, I’d like to discuss Boracay. Boracay is an island paradise just a few kilometers off of Panay Island’s northernmost coast. It is a gem of a geographic location, and tourists and locals both […]

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Boracay 101

Just one of the stunning sunsets you can catch on Boracay Island It’s the Holy Week and people have headed to Bora once more. As I warm up to my working vacation in this island paradise, I can’t help but feel like I’m better off holed up in a hotel room in my home city, […]

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Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 3 – Isla Naburot and Camp Alfredo, Guimaras Island

Isla Naburot photo by Isla Naburot’s Official Multiply Site In yesterday’s post, we talked about Alubihod Beach in Guimaras Island, as well as visiting the Trappist Monastery for some rest and reflection. Today, we’ll talk about Isla Naburot, which is also in Guimaras Island, as well as a new adventure that the island has to […]

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Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 2 – Alubihod Beach, Guimaras Island

Alubihod Beach by Alubihod Beach’s Facebook Page Don’t let the rain and the cold midday atmosphere fool you. We are well into summer, even if the weather seems to be protesting against it. Summer. That word seems to bring forth thoughts of barkada trips to Baguio, Tagaytay and the different beaches that dot our country. […]

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Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 1 – Surigao And Bohol

Photo from: Philippines Travel Blog You can feel it in the air. Summer, that is. Despite the fact that we’ve had an odd, cold and rainy February, the Summer heat has been breaking through this March. So as the summer months approach, where should we be heading to catch a break from the craziness of […]

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