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Funny Video For Friday: The #AMALAYER Song

Remember the “#AMALAYER” controversy that happened and trended late last 2012? Everyone, from adults to teens, watched it, knew about it, and probably had something to say about it. Even Americans had something to say about it. In spite of the tension that the #AMALAYER controversy brought, however, there’s one good thing that came out […]

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Take A Break, Have A Snicker — A Literal Snicker

Let’s face it: All work and no play makes a Pinay Media Planner a very bored and moody corporate gal. It’s true for the Pinay Media Planner, the media news reporters (us, yay!) and it’s also pretty true for the BPO workers. Anyone who works in an office and works for HOURS straight will, at […]

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Fun Fun Fun: Nestlé's Viral Videos

Earlier, we posted about Nestlé and how it hit on a brilliant approach to digital marketing. But hey, we all should drop the ball once in a while and just stretch our feet and watch a couple of other people’s awesome creative work, don’t you agree? So here are a couple of viral videos from […]

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IMMAP Flashback: Nestlé’s Winning Viral Formula

When you look at a liter of Nestlé milk, “ancient,” or “centenary” are words that would be far from your mind at that specific moment. The modern packaging, the sleek and slick design would give any consumer the impression that Nestlé is a modern, up-to-date-brand. But would you believe that Nestlé has actually been around […]

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How To Get Over A Breakup

We have to hand it to the guys at TBWASantiago Maganda Puno to create an attention-grabbing, eye-catching, quirky, funny TVC. This video for Boysen is proof enough of TBWASantiago Maganda Puno’s brilliance as a four-time awardee of Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies’ Philippines’ Agency of the Year Award.

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A Coke Vendo Is A "Happiness Machine"

I don’t get it. Why would a popular, decidedly #1 softdrink company still work on grabbing attention via quirky campaigns? Don’t answer that, because we’ll all have a lot of different answers, and most of them will be right. But check out this Coca-Cola Happiness machine:

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